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Where is the branch located?

9000 Airport Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

Thrifty Los Angeles International Airport

Los Angeles is a vibrant city with high quality of life and plenty of neighbourhoods that offer diverse cultures, unique experiences and world-class amenities to cater for travellers’ needs during their stay. It’s a safe and incredible city with a thriving downtown area, and an extensive range of transportation networks. Having your means of travel during your stay in the city will enhance your flexibility and save you time. Thrifty Rental Car will offer you a chance to hire a car for exploring and travelling around the various breathtaking places in Los Angeles conveniently and efficiently.

Explore Los Angeles in your Thrifty Rental Car

Universal Studios 

One of the top destinations to visit when arriving in Los Angeles is Universal Studios. This film studio and theme park hybrid has plenty of exciting and fun rides for children and adults alike. It’s an incredible place with stunts, stories and special effects, which makes the tour aspect entertaining. You will get an opportunity to explore the Mummy and Jurassic Park rides, making the visit an enjoyable and memorable experience. Universal Studios is located in Universal City, approximately one hour away in your rental car from LAX. 


Disneyland is the most popular attraction in Los Angeles for families to spend time with their children and loved ones. Everybody visiting the city usually makes a journey to visit this spectacular park. You will find the lion king, Mickey Mouse and his cronies, the Little Mermaid and Cinderella present to entertain you with the beautiful world of Disney. The Disneyland complex is located in Anaheim, approximately one hour away in your rental car from LAX. 

Griffith Observatory 

Griffith Observatory is one of the more unique places to visit and take some colourful pictures of Los Angeles. On a clear day, you will see Santa Monica from the top viewpoint. The observatory features space-related exhibitions, including the star shows in the planetarium and a telescope. The best time to visit the observatory is in the late afternoon towards the evening, where you can stick around to see the sun setting and the city lights. Griffith Observatory is located in Los Angeles, approximately one and a half hours away in your rental car from LAX. 

Santa Monica Pier

The Santa Monica Pier is just a short 20-minute drive from the downtown area. Santa Monica Pier Park has plenty of shops, restaurants, parking spaces, restrooms and cafes where you can have your meal while enjoying a cool breeze from the beach. The nearby beach will provide a fantastic view of the ocean while you soak in all the fun. 

Natural History Museum 

This Natural History Museum showcases an incredible display of ancient mammals, fossils and dinosaur skeletons that existed many years ago. The museum gives an anthropological, paleontological and biological view of human history. Collections in this museum house millions of artefacts and specimens. 

Los Angeles is an incredible city that has something for everyone. The city’s excellent weather, theme parks, beautiful beaches and world-class restaurants will make you enjoy every moment during your stay in the city. At Thrifty, we will provide affordable and convenient car rental services to move from one place to another in Los Angeles. We look forward to providing a rental car during your visit to this incredible city.

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