Mt Gambier Airport







Where is the branch located?

Desk located inside the Airport Terminal for customers arriving via plane. The office is located at the Airport (100m before the terminal on the right) for walk in customers. Vehicles are located in the signed car park between the office and the terminal.

Sat : Pick ups available On Request

Mt Gambier Airport Information

If the car park is unattended, place keys in the return shute located at front doors to the terminal.

Return vehicle to the signed car park. Remove all personal belongings. Take photos of the vehicle. Place the keys in the shute located just outside the front entrance to the Airport Terminal. 

After hours collection can not be guaranteed. Arrangements need to be made in advance. A collection fee may be charged.

If you are running late and you won't be able to collect your rental car at the allocated time, it is important to get in touch with the branch you are collecting from so that we can make alternate arrangements.

Car Rental Mt Gambier Airport

Mt Gambier has a geography quite unlike any other town on earth. The gateway and heart of the limestone coast, Mt Gambier is located just to the west of the Victorian border. The city is dotted with stunning geographic features such as extinct volcanoes, garden sinkholes and caves. Inside Mt Gambier, you will find Blue Lake, one of the natural lakes around the town.

Mt Gambier Airport is around a 10-minute drive from the CBD, and the CBD is just a 35-minute drive or 44 kilometres from the coast. The coast is filled with many fun aquatic activities; a highlight is the Piccaninnie Ponds. These ponds seem like something out of a fantasy novel. You can snorkel above deep chasms and stare down into the abyss. You will even find a large underwater cavern that has been given the name ‘The Cathedral’. This is an unforgettable diving experience as you witness the limestone walls underneath the water. On land, you will also find a number of walking trails across the coast where you can enjoy the local flora and fauna. It is an excellent afternoon activity and use of your rental car.

There are plenty of natural activities both in the heart of Mt Gambier and on the coast; you will be spoilt for choice on activities to explore and places to drive.

Discover everything that’s on during your stay in Mt Gambier at the visitors centre. Filled with brochures and worked by helpful and knowledgeable staff. At the centre, you can also see the fossilized skull of a Somothenurus occidentalis, an extinct short-faced kangaroo that was native to South Australia. See fossil rocks and interactive marine displays. With free admission and helpful advice, it’s sure to set you on the right path for your trip.

Explore the Incredible Nature of Mt Gambier with your Hire Car

The Blue Lake is possibly the most visited natural attraction in the area. Housed inside one of the extinct volcanic craters of Mt Gambier, this lake changes colour through the year. The lake is not open to swimming in as it supplies the town’s water, however hiking trails around the lake and tours of the history are a great way to enjoy the Blue Lake. If you want to get some swimming in, head to Little Blue Lake, another volcanic sinkhole. Little Blue Lake Ranges from 25 to 47 metres deep, so it is only recommended for experienced swimmers. Heading to the coast is also a great way to experience some natural swimming.

Another free activity is the Umpherston Sinkhole. Here you can see a resident colony of possums that have made the sinkhole their home. The sinkhole also has the appearance of a sunken garden due to the lush vegetation inside.

You can find other lakes, caves and sinkholes around Mt Gambier to drive to in your rental car. Some of these incredible limestone caves are right in the CBD. Wander the caves by yourself or follow a guided tour.

Just a Few Top Sites to Take Your Rental Car in Mt Gambier

While there are more natural sights and activities around and in Mt Gambier than you can shake a stick at, there are some other attractions within the city as well. Start with the Mt Gambier RSL War Museum, and see a collection of war memorabilia that spans seven separate wars. Visit the home of Adam Lindsay Gordon, the renowned Australian poet at Dingy Dell. The estate was Gordon’s home in the 1860s. Dingy Dell is located 30 kilometres southwest of Mt Gambier by the coast. The cottage now operates as a museum, displaying works and personal belongings of the famous poet.

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