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Where is the branch located?

Go to Rental Desk in Arrivals Hall (next to baggage claim).

Ballina Airport Information

Park rental vehicle in a parking bay and return keys to car park attendant

Drop Box at the Rental Desk in Arrivals Hall.

Not available at this location.

If you are running late and you won't be able to collect your rental car at the allocated time, it is important to get in touch with the branch you are collecting from so that we can make alternate arrangements.

Car Rental Ballina Airport

Located in Northeast NSW, just shy of the Queensland border, sits Ballina, a cosy coastal town with fantastic beaches and hiking trails featuring the pristine Richmond River. Get out and see nature with river and ocean tours, including the highly popular whale-watching cruises. Ballina is perhaps the best spot in NSW for whale watching, with the best time to see these magnificent creatures being in June and July. Ballina has plenty to offer on land as well, filled with art and culture; you can use your Thrifty car hire to travel around and broaden your horizons by visiting any number of art galleries in Ballina, Including the Northern Rivers Community Gallery, the Creative Artisans Gallery or the Sea Silks Gallery. 

Just Across Angels Beach Drive or the Missingham Bridge, you will find yourself in East Ballina. Filled with Cafes, restaurants, seaside views, including Lighthouse Beach, a popular spot to look for a range of Australian wildlife, including migratory birds, frogs, wallabies, echidnas and lizards. Many species are found only in NSW and Australia, so it’s a worthwhile day trip for animal and nature lovers. Even if you’re not lucky enough to spot any critters along the beach, you can still enjoy a walk along the pristine white sand and enjoy the blue waters. Depending on the weather, many make their way to East Ballina for the surf, with great waves and fewer people than the nearby popular Byron Bay Beach.

Get to great walking locations in your hire car

Great walking trails are all over NSW and Ballina, but to enjoy these trails to their fullest, it is best to have a Thrifty car hire to reach each location. The Coastal Recreational Path is popular for its river and ocean views and easy walkability. Running just over 5km, it stretches from Ballina Shire Coastline and Lighthouse Beach to Sharpes Beach. Starting your walk from Lennox Point and heading up to Lake Ainsworth is a popular route. Be sure to pack something to eat on arrival and enjoy the picnic facilities and lake activities, including swimming, paddleboarding, kayaking and canoeing. Driving straight to Lake Ainsworth in your car hire and spending the afternoon in and around the lake can also be a day well spent.

Experience the best of Ballina Art, Culture and Cuisine with your car hire

Sometimes we want more than to see art; we want to make it and experience it ourselves. Ballina is a great place to discover your creative side. Head down to Red Door Studio for pottery classes or to Sea Silks Gallery for a painting class. If you fancy yourself a musician, the ‘Tintenbar Up Front’ allows everyone the opportunity to perform. It can be music, comedy, dancing, poetry, whatever creative itch you want to scratch. Held in an old hall around 11 kilometres outside of Ballina, it’s best to have a car, as public transport can be few and far between.

Ballina Farmers Market is a great place to drive; held every Sunday, you can shop for world-class fresh fruit and veg, going straight from the grower and farmer into your grocery bag. The Ballina Farmers Market is also a great place to get breakfast or brunch with stalls and restaurants available, but make sure to get there early, as it is only open from 7 am -11 am.

Ballina offers a great stop off if you are heading to Byron Bay or planning a longer drive up to the Gold Coast. Why not fly into Ballina Airport and set yourself up with a Thrifty car hire for a beautiful coastal drive from Ballina to Byron Bay and onto the Gold Coast. 

Byron Bay is just a short 45-minute drive north, with the Gold Coast being 1-2 hours from Ballina. Happy driving. 

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