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Top reasons to rent a ute, van, truck or bus

Commercial vehicle hire with Thrifty
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We know family road trips are what you look forward to, but there are times when work or corporate events must be tackled. That's when you'll need to hire a bigger commercial vehicle for the job, and thrifty has a large fleet of utes, 4WDs, vanstrucks and buses to cover any need you may have.

Hire a ute

Don't miss out on that next bulky purchase because you don't know how to transport it - rent a ute for the job. That could be a new couch, fridge, bookcase or alike. Any of those things can fit in the back of a ute and be driven to your place with ease, and at the minor expense of a short-term hire.

If you need to discard a pile of items from your home after a spring clean or declutter, a ute is also the perfect hire to shift them to the tip or other new home.

A tradie's best friend (after a dog) is a ute, and Thrifty have a large selection of single and dual cab utes in 4WD to suit any trade. So, whether your usual ride is away long term, you're looking to test something new, or you just need a ute for a few days, we have you sorted.

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Hire a van or truck

Paying a removalist when moving home isn’t without risk. You need to trust them with your belongings, and have everything done within a time window that suits them. Why not hire a truck and make the move on your own clock?

Our customers find our larger vehicles easy to drive, many of which can be driven on a regular car licence, but if you're tackling a smaller move or delivery, and are hesitant to drive a truck, we also have a wide range of vans including high-top options.

Get your next move done without pestering your friends and family to load stuff in their cars.

We even have some tips on how to pack a truck.

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Hire a bus

Have you got a group function coming up and no transport? We have you covered with a fleet of buses that can carry from 12 to 25 people. Comfortably take your staff to the next team meet or out-of-office tour, or perhaps your sports team has a road game and you want to travel together.

Our smaller buses can be driven with a car licence.

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