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Top reasons to rent a car

Taking a holiday? Be prepared and book a vehicle with us

Most people associate car hire with an overseas holiday. And, while it may be the best option to explore countries abroad, Thrifty customers are finding our rental cars make great sense for activities at home, including their road trips.

Public transport and ride sharing have a place, but here are some of the reasons to avoid those options and hire your own car.

1. Rent the right car for your different needs

Car owners want flexibility, but rarely is it possible to own the perfect car for every adventure. So why not rent a vehicle when your daily driver won’t cut it?

You can browse through a range of makes and models in different sizes for what you need, then return it when you need to.

2. Convenient and cost-effective

Just because you have room to park another car, doesn’t mean you want to pay insurance and rego for it. Do you really want to keep another car just for your annual road trip?

Surely not. Save your money and rent when required. Thrifty offers a range of protection options and all you need to do is pick up and return.

For those travelling by plane, Thrifty has airport locations around the country making the transition to your holiday even easier. Coupled with the freedom you don't have when relying on public transport schedules and numerous separate payments, a rental is the convenient and cost-wise decision.

3. Use technology your current car doesn't have

As a car owner, you want to maximise the longevity of your purchase. If your car is more than 10 years old and still going strong, there’s no reason to get rid of it.

But, while there may be no pressing need to upgrade, the technological advancements can give you extra luxuries for longer journeys.

Renting a recent vehicle gives you all the comforts and features of a new car without purchasing one.

4. Great when your car is under repair

If your car needs repairing, and jumping in an out of ride share services doesn't appeal, you might want to consider swinging by a Thrifty office. Not only will we find something to fill the period of repair, you can use it as an extended test drive for a new car.

A 10 minute drive during a showroom visit isn't enough time to make a comfortable decision. A few days behind the wheel of a rental should give you adequate assurance that a car is for you.

5. A road trip feels like more of a holiday when it's in a different car

Starting an exciting holiday road trip by cramming into the same car you do the shopping and school run doesn't set the tone. Make it feel like a holiday and hire the right vehicle perfectly suited to your adventure.

6. Rent a truck when moving home

And moving is just one of the reasons to hire a truck, ute or van from Thrifty.

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Why hire with Thrifty?

Thrifty offers an Australian-owned, premium service with more than 200 rental locations across Australia. Here are just some of the reasons customers come back to Thrifty:

- Extensive fleet of vehicles
- Wide range of add-ons such as child seats.
- All vehicles have the highest standards of safety.
- High standards of cleanliness
- Transparent communication with no hidden costs.
- Streamlined pick-up and drop-off process.
- Exceptional customer service.
- Upgrades and special offers.

Explore our range of vehicles and find the right one for you