Velocity Points Claims

Are you missing points from an eligible transaction with Thrifty Australia or Thrifty New Zealand?


If so please review the information below to ensure your eligibility.


  • Points are not awarded with international wholesale rates
  • Points are not awarded with corporate rates
  • Points are not awarded to staff or those travelling on industry rates
  • Points are only awarded if the Velocity Member’s name is on the Rental Agreement
  • Points are only awarded to the driver of the vehicle, not additional drivers
  • You cannot allocate points to a Velocity Number that does not belong to you personally
  • You must wait 30 days after the completion of your rental to claim for missing points
  • You must claim missing points within 90 days of your rental completion
  • Your Velocity Number must be entered at the time of booking to receive points

Please ensure that your name on the Rental Agreement is identical to that attached to your Velocity number, Velocity will not award points if details are incorrect. Successful claims will be credited to your account by Velocity – please complete and submit the form below.