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Thrifty eTags

We have a new tolling solution. Click here to read about Thrifty's new tolling payment. 

If your rental commences prior to 21 September 2020 but extends beyond 21 September 2020, the following additional tolling terms will apply from 21 September 2020.


Tolls are now hassle free with Thrifty

Thrifty and The Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) now provide a hassle free way to pay your motorway toll charges anywhere in Australia when renting one of Thrifty's vehicles.
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3:
1.Rent a vehicle installed with an E-Toll Tag
2.If you use a toll road your details are provided to E-Toll
3.E-Toll automatically debits your credit card for any toll road you drive on (plus a Daily Service Fee – the daily service fee is $3.30 including GST [$5.00 if paying by cash] and only applies to those days you travel on a toll road. No fees are charged if you drive on non-toll roads).


How do I check my charges?
Call 131 865

If you'd like more information, take a look at the FAQs below or simply ask our friendly staff.


Terms and Conditions

To use the E-Toll Tag facility you will be required to sign forms with both Thrifty and Roads & Maritime Services relating to your use of the E-Toll Tag and in which you consent to your personal information being passed to Roads & Maritime Services. Credit card fees apply. Kingmill Pty Ltd trading as Thrifty Car Rental is 100% owned by the NRMA.

eTag FAQs
There is no need to create your own ePass. Doing so may result in double charges.
When using a credit card to pay to hire a vehicle all toll charges and daily services fees will be charged to your nominated credit card.
If paying by cash you will receive an invoice with all toll charges and daily service fees direct from the Roads & Maritime Services.
American Express, Diners, Visa and Mastercard – being the same cards currently accepted to hire a vehicle with us. Debit Cards are also accepted providing they have the Visa or Mastercard logo on them. (Note: Debit Cards are not accepted at all locations)
You will see a charge on your credit card statement directly from the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS).
The first attempt to obtain funds that are declined by the credit card issuer will incur a dishonour fee of $1.15. This fee will be added to any charges already incurred. Three attempts will be made to obtain funds from the nominated credit card, however only one dishonour fee will apply.
Where an alternative credit card is provided and is also declined an additional $1.15 dishonour fee will apply.
Corporate Accounts paying by Credit/Debit Card - All toll charges and daily service fees will be charged directly to your nominated credit card and will be charged directly by the Roads and Maritime Services.
Corporate Accounts paying by Trading Account - You will receive a monthly invoice with all toll charges and daily service fees directly from the Roads and Maritime Services.
Please contact your Thrifty Sales Account Manager or for more information or view the Tolling Solution for Corporate Customers brochure.
Billing time frames depends on the toll road travelled on but you can expect to see the amount on your credit card from as little as 24 hours up to 5 weeks following the use of the toll road.
At the end of each rental, your rental and payment details will be securely transferred to RMS by Thrifty to enable automatic recognition and billing. RMS will charge you for the tolls and fees which you incur in accordance with the RMS Customer Agreement. To download a tax invoice or a transaction summary of toll payments, simply visit
You only pay the daily services fee on the days you travel on a toll road. So in this instance you will be charged the daily service fee twice as well as the toll charges.
You will not be charged for toll fees or charges. You are only charged fees on the days toll roads are used.
The tag is permanently fixed to the vehicles windscreen and cannot be removed.
The tag may or may not beep at a toll collection point. Not 'beeping' does not necessarily mean that the tag was not read. However, if the tag was not read for any reason, then the toll will be processed through number plate recognition, and your toll charges and daily service fee will be processed the same way as if they tag did beep.
If you remove the tag or lose the tag, you will be charged the replacement cost and associated administration fee.
Yes, the E-tag is considered a standalone asset similar to that of our GPS units
Yes, E-tags provide a national tolling solution.