Where is the branch located?

Located near the Leach Highway and Welshpool Road intersection.

Welshpool Information

When returning your rental vehicle to one of our locations please ensure to refuel your hire car to the agreed level.

Available at this location.

Not available at this location.

If you are running late and you won't be able to collect your rental car at the allocated time, it is important to get in touch with the branch you are collecting from so that we can make alternate arrangements.

Car Rental Welshpool Downtown

Welshpool is the perfect place to start your Perth and Western Australian travel adventure. The northern border of the suburb backs onto Perth Airport, meaning you don't have far to go once arriving to pick up your hire car. Welshpool is a suburb of Perth and only 20-minutes from the heart of the CBD, giving you great access to everything Perth has to offer right away. Welshpool is in the southern section of Perth, surrounded by city, regional and national parks, so if you are looking for a natural escape, you won't have far to drive from Welshpool to see stunning Australian scenery or to learn more about the local Aboriginal culture.  Aboriginal tours are available in Perth, whereby booking a tour with a local elder, you can learn all about the Perth region's cultural significance, plants, and animals.

Perth is a perfect travel city, both for its inner-city attractions and its proximity to stunning nature. Perth has the best of both worlds, with stunning white-sand beaches, lush forests and a lively city scene with bars, theatres, museums and galleries, all just a short driveway. Even though Perth is a major city, it has a more relaxed feel than most cities its size; perhaps it has something to do with the nearby wineries and national parks.

With the Swan Valley, the major wine-producing region of WA, just a short drive outside Perth, there are plenty of world-class choices on the wine list at Perth's restaurants, which are made up of fine dining establishments, casual pubs and everything in-between. Swan Valley is 25 minutes north of Welshpool.

Save a Penny in Perth With a Rental Car

Most major cities have free, world-class museums and art galleries to encourage tourism, and Perth is no exception. Save some money to spend on the fantastic restaurants in Perth by spending a few afternoons taking in free culture. Start off with the big two, the Western Australian Museum and the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

The Western Australian Museum (WAM) is just a 15-minute drive in your rental car from Welshpool, close to the Botanic Gardens and the Perth Mint. The museum has been the premier museum for over 120 years and has an extensive collection of scientific and cultural artefacts. From ancient Rome, dinosaurs, Aboriginal culture and unique art installations, there is something for everyone at WAM.

The Art Gallery of Western Australia (AGWA) is right next door to WAM. The gallery houses some incredible collections, including the largest collection of Western Australian art ever assembled, an extensive range of Indigenous artworks, and works for local, Australian and international artists.

While in the area, pay a visit to the Perth Institute for Contemporary Arts (PICA), also right next to WAM and AGWA. With new and interesting exhibitions cycled regularly, no two visits ever feel the same at PICA.

Head Out Into Nature With Your Hire Car

Welshpool is just a few minutes from where the city of Perth ends and stunning nature and national parks begin. Once you've taken in the best of the city's many attractions, take a drive out and embrace the outdoors.

Mundy Regional Park is just a 12-minute drive from Welshpool, known for its stunning wildflowers and its popular bushwalking trails, with walking trails extending from easy strolls to challenging climbs. Also within a half-hour's drive of Welshpool are John Forrest National Park, Wungong Regional Park, Gooseberry Hill National Park, Victoria Dam, and Banyowla Regional Park, to name a few. There are many more stunning regional and national parks within driving distance, and the best way to see them is with Thrifty.

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