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168 Johns Evans Drive, Weipa Airport, QLD, 4874

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So you thought Weipa was just a mining town? Well you couldn’t be further from the truth - there’s so much more to the town than mining, in fact, that’s barely scratching the surface (pardon the pun). Jump in your Thrifty rental car, buckle up and get ready to explore a rare slice of real Australia. It’s time to get to know Weipa, the gateway to Cape York, and home to the best sunsets in Queensland, where the sun sets over the water (making it an automatic winner in our eyes)! That’s not even mentioning the pristine, tropical blue waters, stunning coastal landscapes, world class fishing and the friendliest locals you’ll meet this side of the cape. Weipa is a mining town with a difference, and there is absolutely no shortage of things to see and do in this beautiful corner of the sunshine state. 

Get your Cape York nature fix

If you’re after a nature fix, or just want to get away from it all, Cape York is home to some of Australia’s most stunning natural landscapes, including a whole lot of untouched wilderness just begging to be explored. The uniquely rich red soil in the area will have you feeling like you’re on another planet, and you might even be lucky enough to spot some of the cape’s most unique and elusive wildlife, including the much revered saltie - just make sure you keep your distance! The absolute best way to catch a glimpse of these majestic creatures in the wild is to join a tour run by Western Cape Eco Tours.

If you’re here to simply relax and soak up some of that Famous Queensland sunshine, jump in your Thrifty rental car and cruise along the coast to discover some of the best beaches in and around Weipa, including Nanum Beach and a local favourite, the secret stretch of beach just south of Rocky Point, where you’ll have endless stretches of white sand all to yourself. The beaches of Cape York are truly beautiful, and will tick all your boxes (except maybe swimming, you definitely won’t be swimming here). You can trust us when we say, the sunsets are some of the best in Australia, and well worth sticking around for.

If you consider yourself a keen angler, you’ll be in good company - Weipa is home to some world-class fishing, considered up there with the best in Australia. Whether you charter a boat, join a fishing tour or throw a line in from the shore, you'll no doubt be sharing the waters with some of the local fishos who definitely know a thing or two about where to snag a mean catch. Spots like Gonbung Beach, Kerr Point, Rocky Point and Evans Landing wharf are all easily accessible with your Thrifty rental car. If you really want to impress your mates, why not head out on the water for a day on a guided fishing trip with Weipa Sports Fishing, who will take you to all the best fishing spots in the bay. Once back on dry land, they’ll even take your winning catch of the day through to the kitchen of the Albatross Bay Resort, where their team of chefs will happily prepare and cook you the freshest Barra you’ll ever have - just ask for the Catch and Cook experience. 

If you (somehow) didn’t manage to bring a catch home, head back to the Sports Bar and beer garden for a pub feed - the best in town if you ask the locals. ‘Sporty’s’ is the place to be for ice cold drinks and Aussie pub staples (done very well) in a relaxing waterfront setting - this is what the far North is all about!. 

Have a yarn with the locals

As Weipa is not exactly on the tourist trail, the locals who are proud to call this slice of paradise home sure are a friendly bunch, who welcome all travellers with warm and friendly hospitality. It’s incredibly easy to embrace the local laid back lifestyle and culture. Learn more about the culture and history of Weipa and the Cape, at the Western Cape Cultural Centre, a must-see in town. 

Want to mingle with the locals? Head down to the beloved Barramunchies, right on the waterfront within Weipa Camping ground. Barramunchies is the social hub of town come sunset, where you’re able to grab some tasty, fresh local seafood, sit under the trees and fairy lights as the sun dips below the horizon - it doesn’t get much better.

As the gateway to the Cape and beyond, Weipa is so much more than just a mining town - forget everything you thought about Far North Queensland. No matter the reason for your visit, any trip to Weipa is bound to be a memorable and unforgettable one, that offers a true taste of Australia’s wild and untamed north. 

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