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Thrifty understands that when you're renting a vehicle, you need to plan for any additional accessories that you may require. To this end, Thrifty offers a range of general accessories. Simply pick and choose from our specialised accessory range. (All prices are inclusive of GST) 

Age Charge (for drivers aged 21-24) $27.50 per day
Baby Seat $11 per day*
Booster Seat $11 per day*
GPS $11 per day*
Heavy duty hand trolley $17 per day
Roof rack (only available if in stock) $11 per day
Premium Protection (Liability cover):
Passenger vehicles $27 per day
Light trucks/4WD $30 per day
Heavy trucks $32 per day
Ultimate Protection (Liability cover for passenger vehicles only)            $33 per day*
Recovery Plus Protection $4.40 per day*

* Capped to 10 days for every 30 day rental

What is:

  • Age Charge: If you are a driver of a Thrifty vehicle and aged 21-24, you are required to pay a daily age surcharge.
  • Premium Protection: Your rate includes Standard Cover for the Thrifty vehicle and Third party property. In the event of damage, a $3,300* Damage Recovery Fee will apply regardless of fault. In the event of a Single Vehicle Accident (SVA) an additional SVA Recovery Fee of $2,200* may apply. You have the option to reduce these costs by paying Premium Protection.
    Passenger Vehicles $385
    4WD $1,100
    Light Trucks/Buses $770
    Heavy Trucks/Buses $1,100
    However, your SVA may still apply.
  • Ultimate Protection: Reduces liability to $0 in the case of vehicle damage. Only available on passenger vehicles in the Perth metro area and Bunbury. Please note that Ultimate Protection is NOT available to drivers aged 21-24.

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Please call 136 139 to add accessories to your booking.


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