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300 Rodgers Boulevard, Honolulu, HI

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Blue skies, stretches of white sand, a melting pot of cultures and a city rich in history, Honolulu is a tropical paradise that has it all. Be charmed by its laid back nature from the moment you arrive and hop in your hire car to check out the sights. Honolulu is home to the world-famous Waikiki Beach, delightful shopping options, captivating coastal cliffs and local flavours like no other in the world. 

Begin your adventure in downtown Honolulu, the pulse of the city bursting with some of the most iconic attractions on the island of Oahu including the Aloha Tower. This impressive structure was once the tallest building on the island, and if you head up to the observation deck, you’ll be able to catch stunning views of the city, mountains and harbour. Right below you can find the Aloha Tower Marketplace, where dining, shopping, entertainment and history come together. 

Stroll a little further and you’ll spot Iolani Palace, an architectural masterpiece and the only royal palace in the USA. Nearby, you’ll also find other famous landmarks, such as the historic Kawaiahao Church and the grand King Kamehameha Statue, built in honour of the monarch who founded the Kingdom of Hawaii. 

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Aside from its rich history, the city is also brimming with a beautiful art scene. Head over to the Art District and discover the Hawaii State Art Museum as well as local galleries including Pegge Hopper Gallery and The ARTS at Marks Garage where you can also participate in creative classes and cultural workshops. If you’re looking for more art and culture around Honolulu, be sure to visit the Bishop Museum and Honolulu Museum of Art (HoMA) where you’ll find a permanent collection of over 60,000 pieces. The HoMA is Hawaii’s largest general fine-arts museum and also features lush open-air courtyards to stroll through.

Another top local art and culture attraction is the Polynesian Cultural Centre. Located about an hour away from Downtown Honolulu, take a leisurely drive in your hire car and head on over to this living museum located in Laie. Here, you can spend the day exploring and learning about the heritage of the Pacific Islands as you wander through acres of tropical beauty and enjoy a local evening show. 

The other must-see and do items on your Hawaii itinerary should be visiting the Pearl Harbour National Memorial as well as the USS Arizona and USS Missouri. For history-fiends and the curious, you’ll learn about one of the most pivotal moments in the history of the United States. To balance a day of history with retail therapy, find yourself at the Ala Moana Centre - the world’s largest open-air shopping mall with over 350 shops and restaurants. Get your feast on and sample the local cuisine such as a traditional Hawaiian poke bowl, and cool off with a snow-like bowl of yummy shaved ice. 

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If you’re looking to venture outside Downtown Honolulu, take a short drive in your rental car to the neighbourhood of Kaka’ako - the new ‘it’ place for locals and tourists alike. This new and growing neighbourhood is lined with everything, from street art to speakeasies to watermelon sojus. Check out local artwork at Aupuni Space or Fishcake and if you’re looking to skip the regular Hawaiian souvenirs, you’ll find an array of options from local Hawaiian entrepreneurs at South Shore Market. 

Looking for a dose of nature? This city has plenty to offer. The first on your list should be Waikiki Beach. Picture a stretch of golden sand, turquoise blue waters and swaying palm trees. Enjoy an easy stroll, learn to surf or take in the gorgeous views as you sip on a Mai Tai and savour some delicious beachfront dining. There’s also the Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden which you can stroll through or drive through. This 400-acre space perfectly captures the landscape of Hawaii and is a beautiful respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

For those wanting more of Hawaii’s picturesque nature, there’s Diamond Head just under 20 minutes away from the heart of Honolulu. The landmark is a popular volcanic crater known for its historic hiking trail and breathtaking coastal views. Manoa Falls is another destination that should be on the list. Cascading 150-feet down the mountainside, the view is said to be worth the uphill hike. Another must-do on your Hawaii adventure is Hanauma Bay. Hop in your Hertz hire car and take a short 24 minute drive to be greeted by a magnificent spot that’s a dream for snorkelers. 

There’s an abundance to see, do and explore in Honolulu and beyond. If you’re looking for a holiday that balances history and culture, retail therapy with a brilliant dose of natural beauty, Hawaii is the place to be. 

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