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We are located at 42 Aerodrome Road, Thangool QLD 4716.

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A rural settlement near the town of Biloela, Thangool is small yet charming. Whether you’re visiting on a road trip through the Queensland outback, spending a day at the races at the Thangool Racecourse or simply seeking an off-the-grid-escape, Thangool offers rolling hills as far as the eye can see and warm, country-town hospitality. To make the most of your time in the Banana Region, take a look at our guide below.

Rural Highlights

With the Burnett Highway stretching through the middle of the town, it’s easy to get to nearby spots like Dululu, Jambin and Mount Morgan from Thangool. But first, check out the Thangool Memorial Park which features a monument commemorating those who served in the Australian Military. Spend some time relaxing under the shady trees as you watch the clouds float on by or bring some snags and make use of the BBQ facilities for a peaceful picnic in the park. Travelling with kids? They’ll love the playground here and the stretch of green grass gives them plenty of room to run around. When it’s time to eat, fill your belly at Hotel Thangool. As the name suggests, the hotel offers pub classics like schnitzels and parmigianas, as well as light meals and burgers. With pool competitions, parmi nights and live music on the table, Hotel Thangool will quickly become your local haunt while in town.

Just a 10-minute drive away, Biloela is the closest major town to Thangool and is best known for holding the annual Callide Valley Show. If you’re visiting in May, the show isn’t to be missed! Showgoers celebrate the region's agricultural activities with horse and cattle events, various competitions and fireworks at the end of the night. With a wide variety of thrill rides and carnival games, as well as live music and entertainment throughout the day, discover the best talent in the region and feel like part of the community at the Callide Valley Show. Biloela is also home to the Queensland Heritage Park. Visit here to browse through a collection of wares and photographs and look at vintage cars and tractors. With an on-site cafe and souvenir shop, it’s the perfect spot to spend a day discovering the town and chatting with some locals. On your way through Biloela, it’s hard to miss the mural painted on a giant water tank. Part of the Australian Silo Art Trail, the mural tells the story of the town’s history through painted sections that wrap around the tank.

Central Queensland Escape

Ready to hit the road? Continue on the Silo Art Trail about an hour southeast of Thangool to Monto. Art is the focus here, and you’ll spot the Monto Water Tank Art on your way in. Based on local legend, this artwork along with the Three Moon Silo Art on the other side of town, depicts a traveller spotting three moons - one in the reflection of his water container, one in the creek's reflection and one in the sky. Both stunning artworks are worth pulling over the rental car to admire, plus, across from the Three Moon Creek art, there’s a 24-hour fresh fruit and vegetable cart where you can stock up on homemade goods no matter what time of day you’re passing through. Want even more? Head to the Monto Museum of Art in town for an extensive collection of works by local talents.

Another hour and a half past Monto, head to the citrus capital of Queensland - Gayndah. The chief attraction here is Gayndah’s Big Orange which is exactly what it sounds like - a giant roadside attraction in the shape of an orange. Here you can walk into the orange and shop a selection of locally made jams and preserves, stock up on fruity-scented soaps and dig into freshly made scones at the cafe. As the oldest town in Queensland, Gayndah boasts a collection of monuments throughout the town, including a sculpture of a horse and rider commemorating the first Queensland Derby held in 1868. Also in town, you’ll find the citrus tree-shaped town clock, the Gayndah Museum and Information Centre and a selection of bakeries and cafes. If your camera roll is looking a little empty, head to Archers Lookout. After a climb up the hill, you’ll be rewarded with 360-degree views of the town with rolling hills and mountains in the distance - say cheese!

A visit to Thangool and its surroundings proves you don’t need to holiday in the big city to have fun! Venture off the beaten track and appreciate a world in outback Queensland that you never knew existed.

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