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Located at the Zig Zag Motel - 70 Chifley St Lithgow.

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Car Rental Lithgow Downtown

It’s time for your trip to Lithgow. Situated to the west of the Blue Mountains, Lithgow is the perfect countryside escape. Full of adventure, rugged mountains, and rolling hills, it’s unlike any other destination in New South Wales. 

Lithgow has a warm and temperate climate. The lush landscapes of the area wouldn’t exist without plenty of rain, so pack a rain jacket when you visit! Here you’ll also experience colder winters and hot summers, so prepare for that ahead of your visit. 

Lithgow is just two hours from Sydney, but when you visit it’ll be like you’ve stepped into a different world. With incredible dense forests, reminiscent of the Jurassic-era, and jaw-dropping underground caves, hidden valleys and beautiful canyons, Lithgow is simply magical. You’ll need to bring a sense of adventure and some good walking boots while you stay here, as we think you’ll be spending plenty of time exploring what Lithgow has to offer.

Adventure Outside with Thrifty

Located just next to Lithgow is the incredible Blue Mountains, which you’ll likely take some time to explore. The Blue Mountains are one of the most famous spots in the whole of Australia, thanks to the rich history, incredible views, and stunning hikes available. 

Enjoy views of the million-year-old valleys as you gaze out from Echo Point over the Three Sisters: three weathered sandstone peaks that are nearly a kilometre high above sea level, named from an Aboriginal legend that details how three sisters from the Katoomba tribe were turned to stone. Now, they’re enjoyed by millions of visitors every  year and are an easy point for you to enjoy while you’re staying in Lithgow. 

The Blue Mountains are full of hikes that’ll challenge yet captivate you. Head on the Grand Canyon hike to descend into one of the most challenging yet mesmerising walks available in the area. Marvel at the waterfalls, views, and creeks that create this epic hike. Or, head on the National Pass walking track, which is a challenging walk but rewarding with incredible views. 

Once you’re done exploring the Blue Mountains, the town of Lithgow awaits. Have dinner at delicious restaurants like The Gaudry or The Blue Fox, where your long days of exploring will be rewarded with gorgeous food and a great atmosphere. 

Glow worms and Caves with Thrifty

One of the many reasons that people stay in Lithgow is to visit the underground caves in the area. Jenolan Caves are probably the most famous, with thousands of visitors heading here each year to descend underground and marvel at the sights below. It’s simply a magical destination and a must-do while you’re here: they’re the oldest caves in the world, and open to tours most days of the year. Marvel at the incredible limestone formations while exploring on a guided tour. 

There’s also a chance to experience the underground glow worms while here in Lithgow. The Glow Worm tunnel is in Wollemi National Park. This natural phenomenon can be enjoyed year-round so make sure to set some time aside to enjoy it!

Lithgow is the perfect spot for a weekend adventure in the beautiful countryside of New South Wales. While staying in Lithgow, you’re at the perfect spot to explore some of the best spots in Australia. Your Thrifty rental will be the perfect way to get from one adventure to the next. We can’t wait to welcome you here soon, at Thrifty Rental Downtown.

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