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Car Rental Kalgoorlie Downtown

Kalgoorlie is a famous mining town in the middle of Western Australia. Only in Australia could you find such a remote historical town, still operating and thriving. Kalgoorlie made its name through precious gems, particularly sapphires, resulting in the epithet ‘the Sapphire City’. But there is more to this area than just mining. Kalgoorlie has an interesting history and is full of culture, national parks, lakes, community markets and more. Kalgoorlie is regarded as the largest outback town in Australia, with a population of around 40,000 people. It is situated far inland, around a 6.5-hour drive from Perth, or 600 kilometres away.

Kalgoorlie has a large number of heritage buildings, particularly hotels that sprung up out of the desert in the 1800s due to the influx of immigrant miners looking to seek their fortune in this strange new land. These heritage listed hotels are a dazzling reminder of the past. Drive around in a self-driving tour and take in all these heritage buildings. You will find a brochure in the Visitors Centre that shows the locations and offers a brief history of each building. Kalgoorlie is home to museums, art galleries, breweries, great nature walks and is within driving distance of many other interesting attractions, including the famed ghost towns of Western Australia.

Kalgoorlie is a unique travel destination in that you’re not likely to find anywhere else quite like it, in Australia or abroad. The sunburnt desert, local history, incredible sunsets, and local attractions make it a location you should visit at least once.

Use a Car Hire to Take in Kalgoorlie

The biggest attraction in Kalgoorlie is the ‘Super Pit’, a mining pit that covers more than 26,000 hectares and is viewable from space. There is a viewing platform to take in its dizzying size and scale. 15 million tonnes of rock are still removed from the pit each year, and over 1.5-million kilograms of gold have been mined from the site.

If you are in Kalgoorlie on the first or third Sunday of the month, check out the Kalgoorlie Markets and the Boulder Markers, great places to pick up unique gifts, good food and local crafts. The Boulder Markets have an average of 50 market stalls and are held on the historic Burt Street.

Finish the day at the Beaten Track Brewery; with a fun atmosphere, this microbrewery supplies craft beers that are locally made. Nothing beats enjoying a cold beer responsibly on a hot day in the outback.

Visit Nature and Haunted Towns In Your Rental Car

Not as many towns have had the good fortune of Kalgoorlie, many mining towns have been lost to time, and the desert after the mining riches ran dry. Many of these towns are still standing, and some are quite well-preserved and virtually abandoned. It is an interesting insight into the past to visit towns like Gwalia, which is 233 kilometres north of Kalgoorlie. You can visit the town and tour it as part of the Gwalia Ghost Town and Museum. The centrepiece is the Old Hotel, a two-story state hotel that is still in fine condition. There are a number of ghost towns of varying size and preservation. 

Take a drive in your car hire to the many parks and reserves around Kalgoorlie. Just above the town is Karlkurla Bushland Park, 200 hectares of natural bushland. It is a great place to see the sunset and a few Kangaroos. Head to Katunga Lookout for the best views of the sunset and park.

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