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A bustling port town that resides in the heel of the Italian boot, Bari is raw, vibrant, and real. Draped in rich ancient Greek and Roman heritage, this wondrous city offers the perfect melange of old and new, with enthralling tales that will capture the imagination of even the most ambiguous of minds. Shaped by its past, yet defined by its present, Bari is more than an arcade of archaic antiquity. The heart & soul of the southeast, this beautiful city paints a sea of authentic Italian philosophy as the cultural hub of the Apulia region. As the capital of Puglia and a central figure in the economic viability of southern Italy, Bari is often overlooked by tourists in search of greater riches. Yet, its roots and historical relevance should not be understated as the importance and impression this ancient city has left on the world has been profound. A gateway to the Mediterranean Sea, brimming with culture, passion, intrigue and mouth-watering Italian cuisine, Bari is one city you won’t want to miss on your next adventure to Italy’s Southeast.

Unlock the Mysteries Surrounding Bari’s Old Town

Cited as early as 181BC, Bari has a long and colourful history, passing hands on multiple occasions throughout the ages. After being ruled and conquered several times, what’s left of the Old Town is a sight to behold and helps piece together a treasure trove of incredible stories and iconic traditions. The first stop in your rental car is the otherworldly Basilica of San Nicola. Found in the centre of Old Town, this glorious church took 100 years to complete, before eventually becoming the centrepiece of Bari. A defining piece of Romanesque architectural expression, the basilica was famously constructed to house the remains of St. Nicholas. Attracting pilgrims far and wide, this place of worship still holds significant sacred relics bestowed upon it by former rulers, popes, and bishops throughout the centuries. Less coveted but just as intriguing, 

The Church of San Sabino is another spectacular monument worth stopping into during your time in Bari. Established between the 12th and 13th centuries, this towering Apulian Romanesque Cathedral was built on the site of the former Imperial Byzantine Cathedral, which was destroyed by William I of Sicily in 1156. Currently preserving the remains of Saint Columba, relics of Saint Sabinus and many other objects of great antiquity, San Sabino provides an eerie insight into the dark past of Bari’s tumultuous history. 

Just a stone’s throw away from San Sabino will have you face to face with the largely imposing Castello. This 12th-century exponent of Norman-Swabian architecture went through several periods of transformation, passing ownership several times throughout the years. Delivering stunning views of the city from the castle towers, visitors can wander the castle courtyard and explore artefacts and exhibitions held within the castle museum. Other amazing attractions to uncover in Bari include exploring the narrow cobbled streets of Bari’s old town, a stroll along the exquisite Bari promenade, the Lungomare Nazario Sauro and a visit to the Piazza Mercantile square.

Dine like a Local with some of Bari’s World-class Cuisine

Residing in Italy, one thing is for certain, Bari has some delicious cuisine. The unsung hero of Italian gastronomy, Bari is fast becoming a foodie paradise for locals and visitors alike. When taking a break from a strenuous day of sightseeing, be sure to check out a few of the hidden gems the city has on offer. For a tried-and-true authentic Italian experience, take a wander down the Old Town streets and you will notice an array of local women carving out their Orecchiette pasta. Shaped like an ear, this centuries-old tradition has been passed down for generations. You can either purchase some from Nonna herself, or head to a Bari restaurant and order an Orecchiette Alla Barese. Additional Bari classics include eating raw seafood at Bari’s old fisherman’s port – Porto-Vecchio, smashing down a traditional Panino col polpo (octopus sandwich), or a mouth-watering Barese-style Focaccia from one of the local bakeries. With so many appealing menu options throughout the city, you may want to wear a slightly looser set of pants before dining out.

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