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Where is the branch located?

London Heathrow Off Airport, Middlesex

Car Hire London Heathrow Airport

Say hello to London! Whether this is your first international travelling experience or your tenth, you’re bound to have a wonderful time here. 

Start packing your suitcase with your best Autumn-wear for the trip, as this city is known for snowy winters from December, mid-range warm summers in July, and frequent rain all year around. Either way, the weather is bound to make for a holiday full of surprises. 

The city of London is known not only for its royal family but its rich history, traditions, influences, culture, and sense of fashion. Venture near the beautiful Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Big Ben, or the famous Tower Bridge to start ticking off some of the big-name tourist hotspots, before you begin to explore the wider city and surrounding areas. As Britain’s biggest city, not only can you witness the outstanding palace architecture, but you can shake things up with a trip to countryside paradises and peaceful destinations.  

Visit St. James Park, a gorgeous green space just outside the royal castle, Kensington Park, or Hampstead Heath, famous for being one of the four largest parks in Central London and covering a whopping 790 acres. Birdwatchers, families, couples, and all friends of nature will appreciate their beauty.

Glimpse the Luxurious Sights of London

Our Thrifty cars could be taking you on the shopping spree of a lifetime, helping you locate the best second-hand shops, marvellous markets or luxury finds on Portobello Road. Electric Avenue in Brixton sells a range of unique, handmade items. Imagine finding that perfect trench-coat for a British Christmas!

Fancy some Shakespeare? If you’re a lover of the creative arts, your rental car can take you to many musicals or plays along the way, as there are as many as 230 theatres in London! The theatres in the West End or Shakespeare's Globe will have some great choices on offer. 

If you’re more of a history buff who loves to learn, visit the Natural History Museum or one of London’s four UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, the Palace of Westminster, or the Tower of London. There are over 170 museums for you to explore, so imagine how aesthetically pleasing your photo album will be! 

Explore, Eat and Cruise with Your Thrifty Car Hire

Do you love being surrounded by water? If you haven’t been on a cruise, your new set of wheels will help you get there. The Thames Cruise is well known for going along London’s largest river, but also for its history linking back to Romans and English Kings. Set sail from the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament, and the Tower Bridge. 

Are you a massive foodie? Thrifty can get you to the most delicious restaurants in the city, such as St. John in Greater London - an iconic British food place with mouth-watering pies, the Pergola Paddington,  full of bars and street food, the Borough Market with gourmet artisan foods, and Brixton Village & Market Row, known for having a little bit of everything! 

Don’t forget to pack your best-quality cameras! London Heathrow Airport is just the beginning of your memorable trip. It marks a holiday milestone that will be cherished forever, and the city of London is jam-packed with incredible destinations that Thrifty can be part of. 

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