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An alluring Mediterranean island nestled off the coast of Spain, Mallorca is a sub-tropical paradise filled with beautiful weather, laid-back vibes, historic traditions, and stunning island scenery. As the largest of the Balearic Islands, this gorgeous place possesses a wealth of charm, adventure, and outdoor recreation with an abundance of hidden gems sure to excite even the most fervent of travellers. Come for the weather, stay for the view as you explore Mallorca’s sparkling coastline, secluded coves, ethereal countryside, and pristine beaches. From scenic drives to underground caves, sunbathing on the tranquil shoreline of Llucmajor, and exploring 14th-century castles, Mallorca is something out of this world and one place you can’t miss on your next trip to the Mediterranean.

Sneak in a Visit to the Island’s Capital, Palma de Mallorca

The beautiful seaside oasis of Palma shines as the capital of Mallorca and is undoubtedly the island’s greatest treasure. It is a mesmerising resort city filled with street-side cafes, radiant sandy beaches, fascinating architecture, and a charming cultural scene. Only a 10-minute drive from Palma de Mallorca Airport in your hire car, this magical place is often the first of many stops on your journey across Balearic’s largest island. The first stop on arrival is a visit to Palma’s quaint Old Town, northeast of the city’s main port. Stroll through the labyrinth of cobblestoned alleys, as you venture past some of Palma’s most coveted historical landmarks left by the Christians, Moors and Romans. Check out the striking golden sandstone facade of the elegant La Seu Cathedral, a beautiful exponent of Catalan Gothic architecture. This popular 14th-century cathedral is a sight to behold overlooking Palma’s old city harbour, offering unrivalled views of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Next on the list is the rare 14th-century Bellver Castle, perched atop a forested hill, only a few kilometres west of Palma’s Old Town. This extraordinary circular 14th-century Gothic castle is one of only a handful built throughout Europe and was once the residence of past Mallorca kings. Explore the wonderful castle grounds and city museum or attend one of the castle’s many exciting ceremonies or festive events. A slight change of scenery will lead you along the serene coastline of Palma’s spectacular seafront promenade. A great place for a peaceful stroll along the Avenida Gabriel Roca, soak up the sunshine as you bask in the incredible views of the Mediterranean. With an array of shops, bars and restaurants lined along this 3-kilometre avenue, there will be plenty of opportunities to pause along the way.

Explore the Mallorcan Countryside in your rental car

After checking out the sites of the island’s capital, it’s time to set off on an adventure through the Mallorcan countryside. A 20-minute drive north of Palma is the enchanting hilltop town of Valldemossa. A popular spot amongst tourists, this otherworldly village is nestled within the foothills of the Tramuntana Mountains. Lined with fields of emerald-green forestry, an idyllic contrast to the blonde-stoned houses, this remarkable town is a feature of the natural beauty on offer throughout Mallorca. A great place for a hike through the wooded hillsides or a day excursion through the quaint country town, make sure to drop by the 14th century Carthusian Monastery where renowned pianist Frederic Chopin and writer George Sand once spent the winter in the late 1830s. From one scenic town to the next, Alcúdia is considered the leading tourist hub in the island’s north. After being destroyed in the 6th century, when the Roman empire declined, the city was restored to its former glory under the Moors. A historic mediaeval town, Alcúdia still possesses its old-world ambience with its most famous sites the Roman remains of Pollentia, Spain’s smallest Roman amphitheatre and multiple significant churches. Close to the beach and the famous resort town of Port d’Alcúdia, Alcúdia is a great spot to visit for a few nights of leisure. Other wondrous places to explore in your car hire include – Puerto Portals; a gorgeous seaside resort on the banks of Mallorca’s southwest shoreline, Artà; A beautiful old town draped in a sea of greenery, tucked into a valley to the island’s northeast and the tranquil Llucmajor coastline in the south, featuring many stunning beaches, dramatic cliffs, and secluded coves.

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