Where is the branch located?

Location is in Mitsubishi Dealership. Go to reception/rental desk.

Casino Information

Park rental vehicle in customer parking and return keys to reception / Rental Desk

Drop Box on-site.

Not available at this location.

If you are running late and you won't be able to collect your rental car at the allocated time, it is important to get in touch with the branch you are collecting from so that we can make alternate arrangements.

Car Rental Casino Downtown

Casino in northern New South Wales is located close to the Queensland border. It sits just a 2-hour drive from the Gold Coast and a 2 hour and 40-minute drive from Brisbane. It is a far, 7 to 8-hour drive from Sydney. Casino is known for its beautiful inland locations, such as the Richmond Range National Parks. It is also a short drive from Byron Bay, Lennox Head and Ballina (around 1 hour each). This close proximity to the coastline makes day trips to the popular coastal towns an easy and picturesque drive in your rental car. Casino sits in the Richmond Valley, known as the beef capital of Australia. But there is much more to this town than just beef production. A fun first activity can be a self-driving tour of the many heritage buildings in Casino. To start with, head down Walker and Barker streets. You will see buildings ranging in time periods and styles, from 1930s art deco to 1800s Victorian-era architecture.

You will get a quaint small-town feel from Casino; it has not been overrun by development, and its culture has remained that of a tight-knit community. To find out about all the heritage sites, visit the information centre in the centre of town. They can provide pamphlets with details about the history of the buildings, and the town itself. 

Right on the edge of town, you will find a natural sanctuary in the Jabiru Geneebeinga Wetlands, a haven for local birdlife and other native species, just a short drive from the CBD. Set up for a picnic and watch the local black swans, ducks and other water birds in the lake. You could decide to take in the wetlands from a different perspective on the Casino Miniature Railway. The station is located on the edge of the wetlands, and the track runs through the wetlands and Casino Golf club. When you’re finished on the railway, take a free tour of the Railway Museum, located in the old Casino Station.

Your Car Hire is the Ticket to Enjoying the Beauty of the Region

Casino acts as the gateway to the Richmond Range National Park. See the world heritage listed rainforest on several walking, biking and driving tours. Drive along the Cambridge Plateau scenic Drive, from Casino to Cambridge Plateau; you will take the roughly 1 hour drive through scenic rainforest on the 32 kilometre one-way journey.

A popular drive is the ‘Rainforest Way’. Explore the Mallanganee and Richmond Range, with spots such as Tooloom Falls, the village of Bonalbo, Yabbra State Forest, and many National Parks (five in total). Make sure to stop off at the many lookout points. There are so many great locations from the coast to Casino and beyond inland. Drive along a planned route like the Rainforest Way, or create your own.

More Top Attractions to See with a Rental Car

The Platypus Pools of Casino are a fabulous attraction if you can manage to spot one of these notoriously shy and skittish animals. You will need to head to the Richmond River in early morning or around dusk for the best chance of seeing one. See the platypus rock carvings built by the late artist Mick Thorman. These carvings not only look great, but also indicate you are in the right place to see a real-life platypus. If you want to learn more about the area, stop off at the Casino Historical Museum, which is full of objects and artefacts that detail the history of the region. 

Being the beef capital of Australia and featuring a festival revolving entirely around beef and the cattle industry, there are many great places to eat and enjoy the local produce. If you happen to be in Casino for Beef Week (11 May to 31 May), you can participate in more than 100 events, including street fairs, rodeos, beauty contests, live music, fair games and more. Beef Week is now one of the largest regional festivals in the country.

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