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Car Rental Ballina Downtown

When many think of the area south of the Gold Coast, their minds turn immediately to Byron Bay, but more and more are now considering Byron's sister city, Ballina. With all the attractions of a coastal town, but quieter than Byron and the Gold Coast, it is becoming a hotspot in its own right. A bustling food and nightlife scene, paired with pristine beaches and walking trails has led to more Australians and international visitors staying in Ballina. There are water activities galore, and if you arrive at the right time of year, whale watching is a popular attraction (June-July). Due to its ideal location, Ballina is also a great spot to take many day trips to the surrounding towns.

Lennox Head is just a 12-minute drive north in your rental car. Lennox has its own cafes, boutique shops, restaurants, fishing spots and natural getaways. Head to Lake Ainsworth, which features picnic areas, paddle boarding and canoeing. The lake has barbeque facilities and is located just by the ocean, so you can choose between the lake's fresh water or the ocean's salt water. 

The popular coastal town of Byron Bay is just a half-hour drive north, past Lennox Head. In Byron Bay you can find snorkelling, scuba diving, Aboriginal tours, shopping, breweries, distilleries and more, all available within a short drive of Ballina. 

Each of these coastal towns has its own vibe and activities to do. The beauty of these locations is they are all right next to each other, with different restaurants, galleries, museums, hiking and nature activities to appease the entire family. Many now prefer to stay in Ballina due to its more relaxed atmosphere and then travel to Byron Bay or Lennox Head as day trips.  

See the Best Attractions Ballina Has to Offer in a Rental Car

There are many attractions immediately in and around Ballina that are available to see with a car hire. Drive to the Richmond River Lighthouse, one of the oldest in New South Wales, with the current tower completed in 1866, located between Shelly Beach and Lighthouse Beach.

You have probably seen the Big Prawn on a TV ad, Instagram or elsewhere online. The Big Prawn is located in West Ballina, a 5-minute drive from central Ballina. The prawn is hard to miss, at 9 metres tall and 35 tonnes. So snap a picture or two with this colossal crustacean.

Ballina Naval & Maritime Museum is located on the banks of the Richmond River, a short drive from the city centre. The museum has an extensive display of naval and narrative exhibitions, including the largest Naval and Merchant ships collection in Australia. With free parking, it's an easy addition to a day's plans.

Sand, Sun, Surf and Adventure in Your Car Hire

Ballina is perhaps most known for its stunning natural surroundings. With hiking trails, waterfalls, kayaking and canoeing in the river systems all within driving distance of central Ballina. Take a walk down the Ballina Historic Waterfront Trail, named as such due to the plaques that stretch along it, providing information about Ballina and the area. If you're lucky on the walk, you might even spot some river dolphins. If you plan on fishing, mark some spots out as you travel along, with plenty of areas to catch Richmond River fish.

Killen Falls looks like something out of a fairy-tale. Located a 20-minute drive from Ballina in Tintenbar, the falls are like walking into a hidden paradise, secluded from the rest of the world. Enjoy the short walk from the car park through to the falls and set up for a picnic and enjoy the sounds and smells of the nature around you. 

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