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Where is the branch located?

If you are coming off a flight at Ayers Rock, you can pick up a vehicle from the counter at the airport terminal. If you are already in the resort you can pick up a vehicle from the Tourist Information Centre at our Town Square in Yulara. If you have booked a vehicle and are already in the resort and you have been advised to collect from the airport, please contact us prior to going out to the Airport on  so that we can arrange for pick up at our Downtown office. The airport counter only operates when a commercial flight is arriving at the Resort at the times specified by the airline.

Ayers Rock Downtown Information

When returning your rental vehicle to one of our locations please ensure to re-fuel your hire car to the agreed level.

Not available at this location.

Not available at this location.

If you are running late and you won't be able to collect your rental car at the allocated time, it is important to get in touch with the branch you are collecting from so that we can make alternate arrangements. Call us directly and we will do our best to accommodate you. If you have arrived at the branch and it is closed and if you haven't made prior arrangements for an after-hours collection you will need to pick-up your rental car the following day. Please contact our branches during business hours to arrange an alternative pick-up time.

Car Rental Ayers Rock Downtown

Ayers Rock, or Uluru, is the spiritual centre of the Australian Aboriginal people. With a history stretching back over 60,000 years, it has become a symbol and one of the most widely recognised geographical features on earth. A rental car can open up this most special place, seeing it from every angle in comfort. At 348 metres tall and almost 10 kilometres in diameter, the rock is higher than the Eureka Tower in Melbourne; that's a lot of space to cover if you want to experience it completely.

One of the unique features of the rock is how it changes colour during the day, from bright orange to almost purple at dusk. A self-driving tour around Uluru is a great way to experience all the different looks and shades it has to offer. 

There are other transport options, of course, a popular one being camel tours. Did you know Australia has more camels than any other country on earth? These desert experts will transport you around Uluru and the national park in which it resides. Camel tours depart around a 10-minute drive from the Ayers Rock Airport and downtown area, with the rock itself around a 26-minute drive from the airport and downtown. Tours depart at different times in the day; depending on your schedule and what time you wish to see Uluru. It can be cold, so be sure to pack warm, especially if you plan on taking the sunrise tour.

Experience the Art of the Cultural Centre in Your Car Hire

Uluru is a great place to learn about Aboriginal culture and art. Visit the cultural centre to learn about Anangu culture and the park with free presentations from the park rangers. From the cultural centre, you can travel back in time through the Tjukurpa tunnel. See the Anangu art, artefacts, documents and hear the explanation behind the Anangu's law, traditions and behaviours. It is a must in terms of cultural experiences in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. 

Since it was established, the cultural centre has presented Anangu arts and crafts through two galleries located within the building. Maruku Arts and Walkatjara Art. Both centres showcase stunning displays of woodwork, paintings, tools, weapons and accessories. Watch demonstrations from local artists and learn how they create these stunning pieces. There is also a shop where you can purchase art from the artists, with 50% of proceeds going to the artist and 50% going towards the upkeep of the cultural centre. Over two dozen different Indigenous communities are represented through their art at the galleries.

The centre is located directly adjacent to Uluru, an 8-minute drive from the rock and a 22-minute drive from the airport in your car hire.

Heading Red Centre Way in Your Rental Car

Red Centre Way has been described as one of the great drives in Australia and the world. See Australia's icons and iconic landscape in this five-day drive from Alice Springs to Uluru, stopping off at Glen Helen, Kings Canyon and Watarrka National Park. If you're looking for the true red centre experience, this is it. Across this journey, you will see red desert sand, forests, valleys, gorges, rare plants, animal life, art galleries and cultural sites of significance. The beauty of Australia is on full display during this drive; make sure to plan your journey carefully, leaving enough time to experience this remarkable landscape fully.  

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