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Booking information
Our home page features 'Car and Truck hire' to make booking easier. 
Type the location you wish to collect your vehicle from and the dates and times when you need to collect and return. 
Be sure to specify your age and select 'Search' to see what's available from your preferred location during the date and time requested. 
Select your preferred vehicle and click on 'Book now'. 
Select any extras, such as child seats, protection options, or mobile GPS units that you'd like to add to your rental.
To complete your booking you then just need to provide us with your personal details to finalise and confirm your booking. In some cases, payment details are also required upfront. 

Yes! Thrifty has one of the most comprehensive ranges of trucks, utes, buses and vans in Australia.

Our Quote and book function on the Thrifty home page allows you to book your vehicle and obtain an instant confirmation, depending on your preferred location and vehicle requirements.

In some cases however, not all vehicles can be instantly booked, and we may need to check availability. If showing as Apply, complete the request process to ensure your booking goes into our Apply queue. This means that one of our reservations consultants will check availability with our locations and advise you accordingly.

Visit our international page to go to our interactive map of the world. Simply click on the country and you'll be transferred to the local Thrifty web site.
Yes, you can use the Thrifty website to check current rates. All prices quoted on the Thrifty Web site are guaranteed. Please click here to obtain a quote and complete a booking.
Once you've provided your personal details and completed the online booking, we'll send you a confirmation of your booking to the email address supplied. This confirmation includes your booking number, details of your pickup and return location, the estimated price of your booking, and other important information. We recommend that you print it out and take it with you when collecting your vehicle to speed up this process.
We know plans can change, so we do allow changes to your booking prior to the pickup date. You can alter your dates, times, vehicle type and additional extras prior to collecting your car, subject to availability. It's recommended any changes are made at least 12 hours prior to your vehicle collection to ensure we can best cater to your new requirements.   

If you have already collected your vehicle and want to make a change, refer to your Rental Agreement for the pickup location and simply contact location direct so we can best manage your request.
Thrifty offers Corporate Discount numbers to our Business renters, who use car rental frequently. Thrifty Corporate Discount numbers provide specific rates and discounts as agreed on your corporate account agreement. For more information on becoming a Corporate Account holder, visit the Business enquiry section of our website and fill in the online form.

When using the 'Quote and book' function, 'Apply' options will sometimes appear against particular vehicle types if demand is high.

If clicking an 'Apply' booking, your request is sent through to our Reservations Department, whereby they will check availability with the location and confirm your booking within 24 hours of your request.

It's important to let us know your flight number upon completion of the booking to ensure we have your vehicle ready and waiting once you arrive. If no flight number is provided a delay may be experienced when collecting your vehicle. 

If you are unsure of your flight number, then indicate the terminal and we'll make sure we are ready to greet you.
Rental information
Thrifty recognises all current non-provisional and non-probationary Australian driver's licences and current overseas licences.
Accepted Driver's licences must be in English with photo and produced at the commencement of the rental, and must not be expired. Should the valid driver's licence be in another language or have no photo Thrifty will accept a certified translation in English or an International driver's permit.
Should the licence not have a photo, an International Driving Permit must accompany it.
Please note:
Any vehicle that holds more than 12 people requires an LR licence
Any vehicle larger than a 3 tonne truck requires an MR licence
Any vehicle that holds more than 21 people requires an MR licence
Any vehicle that is a 8 tonne truck or larger requires a HR licence
All renters must be aged at least 21 years old at the commencement of the rental. 
Any renters aged 21 to 24 inclusive (whether the main or additional driver) incur an age surcharge per day, and can access our standard range of vehicles. Ultimate Protection (UP) is not available to drivers in this age group.
From the time you collect your vehicle, you and any nominated driver noted on the rental agreement, are financially responsible for any loss of damage to the vehicle. This includes damage caused outside of your control including hailstorms. You and any additional drivers noted on the rental agreement are also bound by Thrifty's standard Terms & Conditions as agreed to when signing your Rental Agreement upon collection. 
The minimum rental period is 24 hours.
We do! The rates on our website do vary depending on the length of rental you are quoting. In simple terms, the longer you need a vehicle for, the cheaper the rate.
Call our contact centre on 1300 367 227 if you are in need of a rental for more than 30 days, so we can provide you on a longer term rental rate.  Or, enquire about long term leasing online
Thrifty operates a national network in order to allow flexible traveling, however the rates for one-way rentals can vary between locations, as there is often a One Way Fee. 

Utilise our Quote & book function on the home page to see if one-way rentals are available between your preferred locations, or call our contact center on 1300 367 227 to check for participating locations for your preferred route and request a quote. 
Only approved drivers noted on the Rental Agreement are permitted to drive a Thrifty vehicle. Upon collection of your vehicle, each driver must be listed on the Rental Agreement and they must present their drivers licence at time of collection.

Each additional driver will be charged $5.50 (including GST) per rental day capped at a maximum of $27.50 per 30 day rental period. The Additional Driver Fee is subject to the Admin Fee and Premium Location Surcharge where applicable.

Some Corporate rate customers, Auto Club members and Bluechip Members are exempt from the Additional Driver Fee.
No, a Thrifty Vehicle cannot be used to tow or push anything. This is included in our Terms and Conditions and using our vehicles for this purpose is considered a breach of your responsibilities when renting.

No, all non 4WD vehicles are not permitted to travel on unsealed roads. There are some exceptions for 4WD's outlined below, which are detailed in Thrifty's standard Terms and Conditions. Please read these, in conjunction with the below if you are planning to visit any remote areas of Australia with your Thrifty vehicle. It is recommended you speak with your preferred pickup location - Our staff know the local areas well, and can let you know if any conditions apply on your planned routes or destinations.

In Western Australia, 4WD's are permitted to travel on unsealed government gazetted roads. If vehicles are travelling interstate or into remote areas, prior written approval by Thrifty must be given. Travelling into some areas of Western Australia require National Park passes - these can be purchased from the Perth Tourist Centre.

In South Australia & Kangaroo Island, 4WD vehicles can be used on gazetted unsealed roads. Travelling into some areas of the South Australian outback may involve the need for a Desert Pass permit. All vehicles are permitted to travel to Kangaroo Island if collected from a corporate location only, and conditions apply when transporting Thrifty vehicles by Ferry. 

In QLD, vehicles may travel to Cooktown from Cairns Airport, Cairns City and Port Douglas locations only. Please note some travel via the Bloomfield Track, Gulf Track, Peninsula Developmental Road and Telegraph Track is not permitted and conditions apply when travelling in these areas. 
Thrifty allows selected 4WD's to be driven on Morton and Stradbroke Islands on application. Please note that conditions and special liability charges apply for Island travel in this region. 

In the northern regions of Australia, there is no reduced liability option for 4WD vehicles when travelling on the Tanami Track, Canning Stock Route, Gulf Track, Cape York Peninsula Track and Mitchell Plateau.

Any damage sustained to Thrifty's vehicle as a result of a collision with an animal in remote areas between sunset and sunrise are not covered under any of Thrifty’s Damage Protection Options. All damages & recovery costs are the responsibility of the renter.

Any damage to overhead, under-carriage, or damage caused by water is not covered by any damage liabilities and are the responsibility of the renter. 
Beach travel in Thrifty vehicles is not permitted, inclusive of any beaches in the Broome region. 

Unauthorised entry into aboriginal lands, or breach of any permit regulations result in breach of Thrifty's standard Terms & Conditions, and any damage protection options (including standard) does not apply. 

 Extending the rental duration may be possible at time of check out or during the rental itself.  You can call us between 7am - 11pm AEST on 1300 367 227 or visit the nearest location to request an extension. Any request for extension is subject to vehicle availability and successful payment of extension period in advance. 

If you would like to provide your feedback the best way to provide this is to visit the Contact Us section of the website and complete the Feedback form. Our Customer Service team will then be in touch to address your comments.

SA now gives licence holders the option to use an electronic licence, whilst NSW and SA now accept digital license holders.  

Please bring your physical licence with you when collecting your vehicle. 

The Australian snow season runs from 30 June to the October long weekend. Some Thrifty vehicles are permitted to be driven above the snow line which is defined as the entry to a national park where snow chains are required to be carried. In order to drive your Thrifty vehicle above the snow line you are required to purchase Snow Pass. Please select this online option if travelling during this period. Snow Pass can also be purchased at the time of vehicle collection. Visit our Snow Pass page for more information.

Yes you can. Additional Drivers can be added at any time during your Rental and at any Thrifty location, but as the main driver, you’ll also need to attend to re-sign the Rental Agreement.

Unfortunately not. As it’s a change to your Rental Agreement we need to make sure you agree on paper to any changes, and any associated charges if they apply. 
Pickup and return processes

Yes – and if you find a new apparent defect or condition different to what is noted on your Rental Agreement and/or Vehicle Condition Report supplied, you must inform the Thrifty employee for joint examination to ensure our records can be updated.

Whilst we maintain our own records of vehicle condition that falls outside of Fair Wear & Tear, you’re more than welcome to take photos of your vehicle before you leave.

Yes, you can. Some locations have a preferred location when returning your vehicle outside of normal operating hours. Please contact the location directly as specified on your rental agreement to discuss after-hours return. Please note, as per our Terms and Conditions, vehicles returned after-hours remain the responsibility of the renter until the vehicle can be inspected by a Thrifty representative. 
Unfortunately, Thrifty doesn't offer parking at any of our locations nationwide. However, in order to make your truck hire experience go as smoothly as possible, check with your chosen Thrifty truck rental location for further information about on-street parking options nearby. Our friendly team is always happy to assist our valued customers with any Thrifty location-related questions they may have.

To pickup your Thrifty hire vehicle, please bring the following with you:

- Booking confirmation number
- Driver's licence
- Credit card

Of course. If you want to take photos of the vehicle before you leave, or after you return it, you’re more than welcome to.
If the lighting in our car parks is a little low, or there’s bad weather when you go to inspect the car, don’t stress. You have one hour after vehicle pickup from our rental counters to let us know if we’ve both missed anything during these times.
Whilst we prefer to inspect your vehicle with you upon return, if you have to return outside of our normal operating hours, we try to carry out this inspection within four hours of the location opening, or until our airport location is manned.
Optional extras
Yes, Thrifty can provide you with baby and child safety seats at an additional cost to your rental. There is a maximum quantity of 3 car seats per rental. 
If you need more than 2 seats, you will require an FCAR or larger vehicle for your booking. Just make sure you select the appropriate seat at the time of booking in our options and we'll ensure that it's waiting for you upon your arrival. 

Baby seats are fitted forward facing, unless you notify Thrifty otherwise. Please reply to your confirmation email or phone 1300 367 227 if you would like a rear facing baby seat. Please Note: it is up to the accompanying adult to fit the seat as Thrifty takes no responsibility for the incorrect or unsafe installation of your seat.
Thrifty offers a number options to customers suitable for different preferences. 

Some locations offer our Prepaid Fuel option. Prepaid fuel enables you to pay in advance for your fuel, so you can bring the vehicle back empty without having to incur any additional cost. You'll also find that our Prepaid Fuel rates are sometimes cheaper than what you'll normally pay at the pump, so take advantage and save time and money.

If you don't have time to stop for petrol, but don't think you'll be using a full tank, let us fill it up for you. You'll be charged the location's refuelling rate at the time you return your vehicle, so please ask your counter staff upon collection.

Alternatively, to avoid any extra refuelling charges from Thrifty, simply make sure you go to a petrol station, just before returning your vehicle to bring it back with a full tank. This will avoid any additional refuelling charges on your rental. 
Yes. Thrifty has a wide range of moving equipment, from packing boxes and tape, to trolleys, hydraulic lifters, blankets, bubble wrap and rope. You name it, we will most likely have it. Just simply call the location and we'll be happy to arrange it for you at an additional cost.
Thrifty understands the importance of safe travel, especially for young members of the family. That's why we include anchor points in most of the hire buses in our fleet.

If you are planning on travelling with a young child, we recommend you give Thrifty a call, or drop in to one of our conveniently located depots to ensure that the bus rental you have your eye on indeed has this capability.

Our expert team know the ins and outs of fitting baby and booster seats in vehicles, and you may even be able to hire out a baby or booster seat as one of our optional extras when booking with Thrifty.
Damage and protection
All bookings include our Standard Cover which includes your Third Party Cover (CTP), and is included whether you choose to purchase additional protection options to reduce the standard Damage Recovery Fee (DRF). It's important to note that Single Vehicle Accident (SVA) fees may also apply depending on protection options purchased and pickup location. Some exclusions to damage cover apply. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information
Thrifty offers customers two protection options, Ultimate Protection (UP) and Premium Protection (PP). You can view details of protection options online. 
It's important to note that Single Vehicle Accident (SVA) fees may also apply depending on protection options purchased and pickup location. For details and exclusions, refer to our terms and conditions
If you are involved in an accident, you should do the following:
Call the Thrifty Roadside Assistance number 1800 811 506, if necessary; and immediately contact the police in case of third party liability and the emergency services in the event anyone is injured. 
Do not leave the vehicle without making sure it is safe.
Write down names and addresses of all people involved and any witnesses. Never admit liability.
All vehicle repairs must be conducted with the formal approval of your nearest Thrifty location upon notifying them regarding the accident.

The Single Vehicle Accident fee applies Australia wide when renting from non- metro Thrifty locations - unless Ultimate Protection is purchased where it is available. The single vehicle accident fee is charged in addition to the Damage Recovery Fee. 

Applicable SVA is noted on your Rental Agreement when collecting and signing for your vehicle. 

The Single Vehicle Accident fee can vary when travelling remotely in the Northern Territory and Western Australia. Refer to the Terms and Conditions for full details and confirm at your renting location prior to pickup. 

Call our Roadside Assistance number – we provide access to Roadside Assistance for all customers when renting a Thrifty vehicle, giving you peace of mind. If your breakdown is caused by vehicle malfunction, don’t stress, we’ll cover the costs, even if the car needs to be towed.
Any other call outs, caused by error or driver negligence are classified as Non-Standard Roadside Assistance. The costs for these events are charged against the rental agreement at a minimum of $165 per event. If you need towing, or replacement keys, these often incur extra costs, so are charged in addition to our $165 callout fee. They often vary depending on the nature of the situation and the make or model of the vehicle, especially when replacing keys. If you’ve lost them, you may also have to pay for rental until a new set is made available.
To ensure you’re not out of pocket if anything goes wrong, Thrifty offers Recovery Plus Protection (RPP) to provide cover for Non-Standard Roadside Assistance events. Enquire at your rental location or use our ‘Quote and Book’ function on the homepage to check if it’s offered at your preferred rental location for a hassle free journey with Thrifty. Thrifty offers Recovery Plus Protection (RPP) to cover customers for roadside callouts for at-fault incidents. Enquire at location or use our 'Quote and book' function on the Thrifty homepage to see if RPP is available at your preferred location 
Roadside Assistance will be able to help if you lock your keys inside, however, if you haven’t purchased Recovery Plus Protection with your rental, you’ll be charged for using the service. Recovery Plus Protection ensures you won’t be out of pocket for at-fault mishaps. Enquire at location or book online  to take out RPP with your Rental. 
Call us! Let your rental location know, and call the Thrifty Roadside Assistance number 1800 811 506 if necessary; Immediately contact the police in case of third party liability and the emergency services in the event anyone is injured.
• Do not leave the vehicle without making sure it is safe.
• Write down names and addresses of all people involved and any witnesses. Never admit liability.
• You must let us know within 24 hours of any damage or incident as per our terms and conditions 
• All vehicle repairs must be conducted with the formal approval of your nearest Thrifty location upon notifying them regarding the accident.
Yes, If there is Damage, theft of the Vehicle or Third Party Loss for each separate Accident or theft You must pay up to the DRF shown in the Rental Agreement unless Your Rental Contract is for Customer Own Insurance or you have taken our ultimate protection option. 

We may make a reasonable estimate of Damage or on completion of an assessment to debit your credit card or Thrifty Account that estimated amount up to but not exceeding the damage recovery fee and single vehicle accident.
Yes in full, if we recover the Damage from a responsible third party or their insurer or on a pro rata basis if We recover only a proportion of any amount claimed for Damage.
Single Vehicle Accident Fee may apply in addition to any Damage Recovery Fee, for each separate incident.  A Single Vehicle Accident is an accident that does not involve another vehicle other than a parked vehicle, or if involved with another vehicle, the other vehicle or it's driver has not been identified to Thrifty, or at the time of incident the Thrifty vehicle was driving in reverse and other motor vehicle was stationary.
Unfortunately, overhead damage to a vehicle is not covered, even if you purchase collision damage waiver protection. This quite simply means you are liable for any cost of damage to the roof of your Thrifty van or truck rental. To avoid having to pay for damage costs, be sure to watch out for clearance heights for bridges, tunnels, car parks, trees and any other low-hanging objects near the road. Our terms and conditions explain this more and these are readily accessible on our website. 
If you haven't already, read the answer to the above question regarding clearance heights to make sure you are prepared for a safe and damage-free journey in your Thrifty truck rental.
Undercarriage damage is another fear for many people driving large hire vans or trucks, as many such vehicles typically sit lower to the ground than traditional cars. Unfortunately, the driver will be responsible for any damage the undercarriage sustains during their hire period.

Bear in mind that undercarriage damage is not covered by collision damage waiver protection, meaning you are liable for any cost of damage incurred to the underside of your rental vehicle. All of this information is outlined in our extensive terms and conditions, so have a read of these if you need further clarification. Alternatively, pop in to your local Thrifty truck rental location, or give our friendly team a call with any questions. We are ready and waiting to help!
If the lighting in our car parks is a little low, or there’s bad weather when you go to inspect the car, don’t stress. You have a whole hour after vehicle pickup from our rental counters to let us know if we’ve both missed anything upon pickup. We also recommend taking photos incase we need more information. 
If you’re involved in a 3rd party claim, we usually take payment for your Damage Recovery Fee. If you’ve assisted us with the claim as per our Terms and Conditions, and we are able to recover this from the 3rd party, we will refund you either fully or part thereof, depending on how much we have recovered from the 3rd party.
Charges and payments

Payment for rental is required upon collection of your vehicle. Thrifty’s preferred method is credit card. Credit cards are accepted nationally. Credit Cards must be bank-issued in the name of the authorised renter, and your credit card details are supplied to Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) for toll payments. 

Debit cards are only accepted at some locations, please check with staff at the location prior to your rental.

Unfortunately at this time Paywave is not accepted by RMS and a valid credit card is required.

When collecting your vehicle, in addition to paying for your rental, Thrifty requires a deposit (as security) to cover any additional charges such as fuel, additional kilometres, and the Damage Recovery Fee (DRF).

Deposits range between $200 and $1100 depending on the vehicle type, pickup location and payment type. Debit Cards are only accepted at select Thrifty locations and usually incur a higher deposit.

This charge will be taken and released upon return of the vehicle in alignment with the terms and conditions of your rental agreement. Refund into your account may take 3-5 business days of bank processing time to become available. 

Please note we do not accept CASH deposits. 

The same rules which apply to your rental payment also apply to your deposit  - Credit Cards used must be bank-issued in the name of the authorised renter, and the credit card holder must be present at the time of collection. Check with our friendly counter staff at your renting location for more information.

You can use all the major credit cards and debit cards, providing they have the Visa/MasterCard emblem/logo on them. It is important to note credit card must be in the name of the authorised renter, be bank-issued, and the credit card holder must be present at time of collection.

Debit cards are only accepted at selected locations.

Please note, payments are subject to a credit card fee to cover merchant costs. The credit card fee will be debited to your credit card when processing payment. The credit fees include GST and are as follows: 
Visa / Mastercard Debit Card      0.70%
Visa / Mastercard Credit Card     1.10%
Diners Card                                 3.29%
American Express / JCB               3.75%

Card payments are accepted by all Thrifty locations, and are preferred as the most secure & convenient method of payment. Like most other businesses that offer payment by credit and debit card, payments to Thrifty are subject to card fees in order to cover our merchant costs.    

The following credit and debit card fees apply at Thrifty's major locations and include GST. These can vary between locations, so please ensure you check with your rental location prior to pick-up on the applicable costs for this time. Please note, reservation confirmation documents or quotations do not include the card surcharge, as they are applicable at time of payment. 

Visa/Mastercard                               1.10%
Diners Card 3.29%
American Express 3.75%

When paying by credit or debit card, Thrifty only accepts cards which are bank issued, and hold the VISA/MASTERCARD/AMEX/DINERS emblem. 
Unfortunately, no. Thrifty locations do not accept payment by cash. Our preferred method of payment is credit card.
An infringement is incurred when the Australian road rules are not adhered to. An infringement can be issued for speeding, red light camera, driving in a marked bus/transit lane, failing to adhere to warning lights and bells on a railway crossing, failure to adhere to line markings on the road, littering. 

Infringements can also be issued for parking offences– failure to purchase a parking pass/ticket, exceed time limit, not park in direction of traffic, disobey no stopping sign/clearway, park on nature strip. Upon receipt of a parking infringement, if the ticket is not paid prior to the due date Thrifty will be issued with a reminder notice and inturn incur Thrifty’s administration fee. If you wish to dispute the parking infringement, please contact Thrifty to discuss further. 
A further $66.00 administration fee will be charged. For further information, please contact
Vehicle rental pricing, is just like airline pricing. If you book in peak periods, you'll be paying higher prices.
Pricing can also vary from location to location, as it may vary depending on where & what you want to rent. If you're thinking Thrifty, it's best to book in advance. That way you'll get the cheapest rate possible for your rental.
Don't forget to check out our specials, you'll find some great offers in there for you.
Our car rental charges are calculated in periods of 24 hours.
When returning your vehicle, we do allow a 59 minute grace period in the event you're running a little behind. We don't charge for another full day of charges until you are more than three hours late from your set return time. 

If you're more than one hour late, but less than two hours late, we charge one third of your rental rate, PLUS an extra day of Vehicle Registration Recovery Fee (VRRF), protection (if purchased), additional equipment charges and any additional daily surcharges specified in your rental agreement.  

If you're more than two hours late, but less than three hours late, we charge two thirds of your rental rate, PLUS an extra day of Vehicle Registration Recovery Fee (VRRF), protection (if purchased), additional equipment charges and any additional daily surcharges specified in your rental agreement.  

Once you are three hours late, we start charging for a full day of charges, by however many days you are late in returning, beyond the 3 hour period. 
Yes - Any additional charges which apply to your rental, such as Young Driver Fee, Premium Location Surcharge, Vehicle Registration Recovery Fee (VRRF), Administration Fees and optional extras are all included in your Quote at the time of booking. Other extras such as Additional Driver Fee or our Pre-paid Fuel service may be selected and added to the rental at the time of vehicle collection. 

Where Prepaid fuel is not purchased upon commencement, and the vehicle is not filled up prior to return, the refuelling charge will apply at the completion of your rental.

Fees also apply when paying by credit card, to cover merchant fees. 
Premium Location Surcharge reflects the additional expense of operating out of Airports and Downtown City locations. The surcharge varies depending on the location of the rental, and may apply to any additional charges incurred at completion of rental. Check with our friendly counter staff at your renting location for more information. 
This fee covers costs related to vehicle registration and toll registration. The fee is a per day charge and is included in your rental quote.
All charges and refunds amounts will be in AUD ($). Thrifty does not accept responsibility for the fluctuating currency conversion if monies outside of AUD are used.
You can now obtain your tax invoice on our website via Access tax invoices. You should allow up to 14 days after the rental vehicle has been returned before attempting to retrieve your tax invoice. There are some locations in WA and VIC where tax invoices are not available online. You should contact the location you rented from directly to obtain a tax invoice.
Tolling Payments

Thrifty has partnered with Linkt to ensure toll payments are simple. You will be sent the information to access a Linkt Rental Account when you travel on a toll road. This account is automatically set up using your booking information, and will let you view your trips, payment details and statements.

All payments for tolls will be automatically made with the credit or debit card that you provided for your rental vehicle.

For more information about how toll payments are managed, visit our Toll Payments page.

If your rental was prior to 21 September 2020, your toll charges would have been charged by Roads & Maritime services who will issue an invoice to the renter either via email or post.

A copy of the toll invoice can be obtained online – or by contacting the Roads & Maritime Services of NSW on 13 18 65.

Every time you travel on a toll road, you will be charged for the toll amount by our tolling partner Linkt. They also charge a service fee of $3.30 for each day that you travel on toll roads.

All trips, payment details and statements can be viewed in the Linkt Rental Account that will be set up for you using your booking information. You will be sent the access information for this account by email or SMS when you travel on a toll road.

For more information about how toll payments are managed, visit our Toll Payments page.

To access an invoice for toll payments, simply log into your Linkt Rental Account using the details Linkt sent to you when you travelled on a toll road. If you are a corporate customer, your company’s Linkt Commercial Rental Account can be accessed for this purpose.

If you haven’t received an email or SMS from Linkt, or can’t access the login details, have your rental agreement number or rental account number ready and contact Linkt directly.

For more information about how toll payments are managed, visit our Toll Payments page.

If your rental was prior to 21 September 2020 a copy of the toll invoice can be obtained online – or by contacting the Roads & Maritime Services of NSW on 13 18 65.

Yes, from 21 September 2020 you can use your own tag in your Thrifty rental vehicle. The charges will be as per your personal set-up. Care must be taken when affixing the tags.  You should not add the Thrifty vehicle to your Tag account.  If for some reason your tag doesn’t register when travelling though the toll gantry, the toll will be covered under Linkt Rental Account.

About our vehicles
All vehicles are subject to availability. This means that we can't always guarantee the make or model of the vehicle, as we often have varying models within the same category. Just make sure you ask our friendly counter staff at the time of collection and we'll see what we can do for you.
No, unfortunately not. The colour of your vehicle is subject to availability, and while we'll certainly do our best to meet your request however we cannot always not guarantee it. Just make sure you ask our friendly counter staff at the time of collection and we'll see what we can do for you.
While we know that our furry friends feel like a part of the family, unfortunately pets (aside from service animals) are not allowed to ride in any Thrifty rental vehicles.
If you're moving house and need to bring a pet with you, it's best to ask a family member or friend if they can travel to the location with your pet in a separate car. There are also courier services that can help with the transport of animal companions.
As with returning the vehicle in an untidy state, cleaning fees may apply at the discretion of each Thrifty location if pet hair or other material is found in the vehicle.
The fuel Thrifty hire trucks need varies according to the make and model of the vehicle. Most of the rental trucks across our vast fleet run on diesel, but be sure to check with our friendly, expert team as to whether alternative fuel options are available. Never operated a diesel vehicle before? No troubles! We can answer any questions you have about the best way to refuel at the servo when the time comes.
You may be used to driving and refuelling petrol-fuelled vehicles, but the process of refilling a truck that runs on diesel or another type of fuel is different in a few ways. The main difference you will notice is that diesel fuel froths up when you are filling the tank, sometimes causing the pump to click off early. A handy tip from the expert Thrifty truck rental team: Lift the nozzle slightly and continue to fill, making sure the fuel gauge shows as full before you finish up. If you still have diesel-related questions that need answering (or even a demonstration), have a chat with the Thrifty team at your chosen truck rental pick-up location. They will be happy to get you up to speed with diesel - and get you on the road sooner.
Unfortunately, no truck is 100% waterproof – though a number of our rental trucks are well-suited for wet weather! That being said, it's not a bad idea to take some extra precautions to ensure that your load stays safe and dry. Make sure to wrap your cargo in plastic during heavy rain to avoid the possibility of water damage. If you don't have any plastic on you, no worries; Thrifty has every base covered with a range of moving accessories to go along with your rental truck. Whether it's plastic, ropes, tape or even moving boxes you need, we've got them on hand at many of our locations. Our aim is to save you time, money and hassle with your truck rental experience.
This question can be a tricky one, as Thrifty's fleet of hire trucks and vans is quite diverse. The best way to know exactly what you can fit in your rental truck or van is to visit your local Thrifty location to take a look at your options. As a rough guide, a van may fit a double bed mattress, while a moving truck may fit the contents of a basic two-bedroom unit (excluding the garage). Before choosing your truck or van rental, there are a few things to consider:
The internal dimensions of trucks and vans vary among the Thrifty fleet. Be sure to check the vehicle details at the time of booking, or talk to our expert team before you hire a moving van or truck. 
Of course, every job is unique, so please contact your local office with any specific questions you have about what you need to transport.
Clearance heights can be a major source of anxiety for truck drivers, and unfortunately, they are the cause of many avoidable road disasters.
Every truck and van is different, and as with our truck and van interior dimensions, clearance heights across our fleet are not all standard. If you're moving house or apartment and will need to access an underground car park, be sure to check clearance heights with your property manager before hiring a truck.
If you're unsure or have any questions about handling your new truck or van rental, talk to your chosen Thrifty location team for specific dimensions of the vehicle. This way, you'll have all of your questions answered well in advance and will feel confident enough to hit the gas the minute you pick up your impressive new rental vehicle.
Not all trucks across our fleet are equipped with a hydraulic lifter as standard. Please be sure to confirm this with the pick-up location when you collect your hire van or truck. If it your hire ute or truck does come with a hydraulic lifter, check its size and weight to make sure you can use the lift for your own specific needs.
If you don't drive or hire trucks regularly, no stress. Just call or visit your local Thrifty office and we'll be happy to give you the basic information you need to make your truck or van rental as smooth as possible. 
When you book your truck or van hire from Thrifty, you are paying for rental of purely the vehicle itself. All optional extras and accessories are available for rent or purchase at the time of booking.
However, at Thrifty, we pride ourselves on not only having the best fleet of van and truck rentals out there, but also having all the boxes ticked when it comes to optional extras or accessories.
If you are renting a truck to assist with the often-stressful process of moving house, or carrying large amounts of cargo, there's no need to go anywhere else for the bits and bobs you need to secure and move the load.
Thrifty has a large range of moving accessories available for rent from many of our pick-up locations, and these items can be booked at the time of booking in your vehicle hire. Whether it's ropes to secure your load, sturdy moving boxes or tape to keep everything together, our moving accessories for hire can take the stress out of big projects.
We also offer a range of insurance options, but be sure to read the terms and conditions of this cover before purchasing to learn what is and isn't covered by Thrifty.
We take pride in our fleet of rental trucks and vans at Thrifty, and we strive to ensure any car or truck rental you pick up is clean and tidy. We ask you to help us by returning your vehicle in a similarly tidy state.
In short, yes, you need to make sure that your hire vehicle is returned clean and empty of any rubbish, including pallets and milk crates.
We understand that moving can be a stressful and often messy process, so be sure to save yourself a bit of time at the end of your rental period to bag up rubbish, and if necessary, wipe down and vacuum the interior of the car.
Cars or rental trucks that are returned in a messy state may be subject to a cleaning fee assigned at the discretion of the lending Thrifty location.
A corporate account refers to a specialised offering in service to companies and businesses. Find out more about our business offerings
At Thrifty, we understand that every traveller has different vehicle hiring needs. Our corporate accounts are designed to fit your company.
Every business traveller has different needs when it comes to hiring a vehicle, and we're confident that one of the smartest moves a business professional can make is to partner up with Thrifty Car rental.
These include:
Tailored rates
Dedicated priority reservation lines for corporate accounts and account enquiries
Personalised account manager
Thrifty's Preferred Customer Program 'Blue Chip'
24 hour roadside assistance
Over 260 locations Australia wide
Completely Australian owned and operated
Enquire online and one of our dedicated Account Managers will contact you to discuss your business needs. 
Yes! We do this to ensure that your vehicle rental experience is as seamless as possible.
We have provided them with preferred car rental rates. Alternatively, just quote your Thrifty Corporate Discount Number to any Travel company and they'll book in your vehicle rental for you.

Our flexibility and personalised service will ensure that you can book your vehicle rental without the hassles.

Dedicated Account Manager to support all your vehicle hire needs.
Tailored Vehicle Hire solution package on request.
Tailored Competitive Rate Plans.
Tailored long term rental rates are available.
Credit card and Trading Accounts are available for payment terms.
Access to the Thrifty Blue Chip Corporate Program for frequent travellers.
Detailed monthly reports.
Dedicated priority reservation lines for corporate accounts and account enquiries.

Find out more about our corporate accounts and enquire online at the business section of our website.

Damage liability, deposits, rental charges and payment please refer to your contract.

Blue Chip membership
In order to enrol, you must be at least 21 years of age and hold a valid driver's licence.

Our sign up page is currently under maintenance and will be back up soon.

Thrifty no longer provides physical cards. To make a booking using your Blue Chip profile all that is needed is your Blue Chip number to be entered into the reservation. If you would like a copy of your card sent to you via email the simplest way to order a replacement card is to visit the Blue Chip section of our website and update your profile. At the top of the page select the tick box next to New Card Required and then click the Amend button. You will receive a copy of the card via email within 2 weeks.
No - Blue Chip membership is free and easy!

As a Blue Chip member, you must ensure all information you provide to us is true, accurate and complete. You must keep your details such as address driver's license details, and credit card details fully up to date, to ensure that we can always provide you the express service expected as a Blue Chip member!

You can update your details via the Blue Chip section of our website. 

You'll receive your Blue Chip Membership Number via email within 48 hours of submitting your application. An email containing your Virtual Blue Chip Membership Card will arrive within 2 weeks. Please check your junk mail as this can sometimes be automatically redirected to your junk folder.
Yes. Simply make the booking via the website or through our Reservations Department. Once you have received your booking confirmation, email with your booking details so we can add your Blue Chip details to your booking.
For security reasons, your Blue Chip details are not recognised internationally. But don't despair - international rental car reservations can be made by visiting our worldly cousins at
Reservations for New Zealand can be made by visiting . To ensure you receive the Blue Chip Member rates simply enter BLUE into the Promotion Code Field. Please do not enter your Blue Chip number on this website. Upon arrival, present your Blue Chip Membership card, Drivers Licence and credit card when picking up your vehicle. 
No drama. All that is needed is your Blue Chip number which you should receive upon signing up for Blue Chip. As long as this is entered in to your reservation you will receive the express rental service of Blue Chip. Should you need a replacement virtual card, please use the ‘update profile’ option in the Blue Chip section of our website. Once you are in your profile, you will be able to request a new virtual card! It’s that easy.
Unfortunately not. Blue Chip membership is an individual membership that can only be used by the person whose name appears on the card. This is because your Blue Chip profile contains specific and personal information such as Drivers' Licence details and Date of Birth. Partners or colleagues can be added to the car rental contract upon collection or establish their own Blue Chip membership.
Australian Blue Chip Members don't need a password to log in. Just ensure that you're on the Australian website ( where you're only requirement to log in is your Blue Chip Membership Number and Surname.
You can earn points through Velocity Frequent Flyer. For details on what you are eligible for, please speak to our customer service representative when you are collecting your vehicle or call on 1300 365 564. For Virgin Australia guests, please click here to find out more.
Visit the Update your profile on the Blue Chip menu. You will be prompted to enter your Blue Chip number and surname. From here you are able to amend your details such as your address, drivers licence expiry, email address, billing details and rental preferences.
Blue Chip VIP is our premium level for Blue Chip Members and truly rewards your rental loyalty with Thrifty. If you complete 15 or more car rentals within a 12 month period, you qualify for the VIP membership level and receive a whole new level of benefits.
As well as receiving all the benefits enjoyed with our preferred membership, including faster service and Arrive and Drive, Blue Chip VIPs enjoy:
Free One Class Upgrade
Being a Blue Chip VIP member, when you rent with Thrifty you'll receive a class upgrade, subject to availability.

Exclusive Offers
Stay in touch with us and we'll send you exclusive VIP offers. So be sure to select to receive our special when you update your profile with Thrifty.
If you're a Blue Chip Preferred member and have rented with us more than 15 times in the past 12 months, please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us
If you’ve been working with staff at your rental location, but don’t feel like your issue has been resolved, you can call or email our Customer Relations team on +612 8337 2700 or via
Depending on the nature of your enquiry, we aim to investigate and respond within five days of receipt. Sometimes, these may take longer, and if they do, we’ll let you know that we’re still working on it, and when we hope to have finished our investigations to then respond.
Thrifty is a member of the Rental Division of the Australian Finance Industry Association (AFIA). This association operates the Australian Car Rental Conciliation service, where you can escalate your enquiry if you feel unsatisfied with the result. The Car Rental Conciliation service is accessible by calling1800 366 840 or completing the online form at
Avis, Budget, Hertz, Europcar, Thrifty, East Coast, Bayswater and Redspot/Enterprise are members of the Australian Finance Industry Association (AFIA) – Fleet & Rental Division and have each adopted/are each signatories to the AFIA Car Rental Code of Practice. Membership of AFIA requires each member to commit to providing a high level of service to customers, acknowledged by adopting the AFIA Car Rental Code of Practice. This Code sets the minimum standards all AFIA members will uphold in the service they provide. If you are interested in obtaining more information about this important initiative, you can access the Code directly at
Covid-19 travel information
Simply visit and click on the View/Cancel booking tab on the website, you will need to enter your email address and booking number or you can email us at
Please contact the booking agent you booked with, they will cancel your booking and notify us.
Firstly your health, and the safety of others is paramount, please call the rental location, their number is available on our website. We will work with you to resolve the issue. Please do not return the vehicle prior to notification.
No, it is important you follow the directive of the relevant government Health Department, failure to do so can result in a fine and will put others at risk. Please call the rental location who will cancel the booking for you. Contact details can be found on our website.
No, please cancel your booking online or phone the relevant location who will cancel it for you. The location contact details can be found on our website.
It is very important that you stay safe and look after yourself, please call your rental location or email us at and let us know. We will work through this on a case by case basis. Please do not return the vehicle prior to notification.

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