Preparing for a girls weekend? Booking a stag do? Taking the entire family away on a holiday?

Whatever the reason, hiring a minibus is a great way to bring a big group of people together without having to organise multiple drivers or hire several cars. 

That said, most people don’t cruise around in a minibus usually, so it’s only natural to have a few questions about hiring and driving a people mover with Thrifty.  

Here are your questions answered! 

How many people can you fit in a minibus? 

There are many makes and models of minibus available, but when you book with Thrifty, you’ll be booking Australia’s most popular minivan – the Toyota Commuter. 

This model comfortably seats twelve people.

How much does it cost to hire a minibus? 

The cost of your minibus hire will depend on the time of year, the location where you pick it up and drop it off, and how long you’re looking to hire for. 

As an approximate quote, you might expect to spend roughly $160 per day for a coach hire, but be sure to request an exact quote from your local Thrifty location for a much more accurate idea of what you may spend. 

And keep in mind that this cost is almost certainly cheaper than renting two or more cars separately!

Do I need a special licence to drive a minibus? 

No – anyone with a valid drivers licence can rent and drive a minibus from Thrifty Australia. 

Note that any drivers must be aged at least 21, and for any drivers aged 21 to 24, there will be an additional daily surcharge for any rentals. 

What safety tips should I know about driving a minibus?

Driving a minibus is mostly very similar to driving any other standard vehicle, but there are a few safety tips to keep in mind to be extra diligent. 

To start, remember that with up to twelve people and their luggage on board, your minibus is probably heavier than most vehicles you usually drive. This means it takes more time to slow down, so be sure to follow at a safe distance, brake well before you approach a corner, and always keep to the speed limits. 

Plus, with all those extra people on board, it’s that much easier to be distracted by the chatter and fun going on – especially if you’re used to driving in peace and quiet. Focus on the road while you’re driving, and join in on the fun once you have stopped. 

Also, your blind spot in a minibus is slightly different to that of a normal vehicle. So before you start driving, take a moment to ensure your rear and wing mirrors are set up correctly for your height, and always be sure to double check these blind spots before turning or changing lines when on the road. 

Ready to book your minibus and get started on your Australian adventure? Lock in your rental with Thrifty so you can start planning your itinerary and road trip playlist!