Sydney airport is a revolving door of visitors arriving from interstate or foreign shores, alongside lucky travellers departing from the major international airport. It’s also a buzzing stopover location for long-haul flights, so it’s safe to say it’s an airport that never sleeps.

For those who are planning upcoming flights departing from Sydney airport, or are flying into the Harbour City for business or pleasure, you should be aware that there are ongoing roadworks in the area. They may impact your journey, so remember to plan ahead to avoid potential delays.

What’s happening around Sydney airport?

RMS (Roads and Maritime Services) roadworks began near Sydney airport in early February and will be continuing until further notice. The road upgrades are underway east of Sydney airport, and will aim long-term to improve traffic congestion to and from the airport.

So what’s going on?

The extensive upgrades include the widening of Joyce Drive and General Holmes Drive between O’Riordan Street and Mill Pond Road to three lanes each way – which will be a blessing for commuters to the airport in the long term.

RMS is also working on replacing the General Holmes Drive level rail crossing by constructing a road underpass. They will furthermore extend Wentworth Avenue, create a new dual-track rail bridge, and remove the traffic island at General Holmes Drive and Mill Pond Road.

The footpath on Joyce Drive between O’Riordan Street and General Holmes Drive will be closed permanently, but the footpath on Ross Smith Avenue will remain open for pedestrians during times of construction.

When completed, these upgrades won’t just assist commuters to the airport, but will also be an improvement to the lives of those travelling to and from Port Botany.

Night works are also planned.

Bus commuters should also note that the northbound bus stop on Botany Road between Bronti Street and Wentworth Avenue is not closed permanently. Commuters who use this service can head to the remaining bus stop at the corner of Elizabeth Avenue and Botany Road.

If you wish to learn more about the current RMS roadworks surrounding Sydney airport, visit their official website for regular updates. There’s a 3D animation of the works to help you visualise what’s happening, and their contact details if you have any further questions.

Thrifty’s tips for a hassle-free airport commute

For those flying into Sydney airport and requiring a rental ride to get you around, Thrifty’s Sydney Airport location is operating as usual and eagerly waiting to get you on the road sooner and without any fuss. However, additional time should be allocated to your schedule to allow for potential delays when picking up or dropping off your rental vehicle.

Want to avoid the potential for delays near the airport altogether? You can always bypass the traffic by hiring a car from one of our other nearby locations for the duration of the RMS roadworks schedule. It’s easy and convenient – simply hop on the train at the airport, and head out to one of our other Sydney offices to pick up your rental.

There’s our Alexandria location nearby, and our Sydney City location to the north. To get to the Alexandria office, you can catch the train to Mascot station, while Museum station is most convenient for Sydney City. Both of these stations are on the airport train line, so you don’t need to worry about changing trains. There are also plenty of other locations across Sydney – so just take a look at which ones suit you, and save yourself the headache of negotiating the roadworks.