Forget the myth that Hollywood produces the best road trip films. The Australian film industry has been making classic, lasting flicks for decades and our often-desolate landscapes make for great road trip-themed movies.

We’ve listed the top 5 Aussie road trip movies to get you in the mood for an upcoming adventure.

1. Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994)

Quite possibly the most widely-loved and well-known Aussie road trip flick out there, Priscilla tells the story of three drag queens on a road trip from Sydney to Alice Springs – all in the name of putting on a drag show for the somewhat-sheltered locals. Starring now-famous Australian exports Guy Pearce and Hugo Weaving, the film is jam-packed with laughs, touching moments and lessons of acceptance, both for the main characters whose personalities are so different from each other, but also those country folk meeting them along the way. Expect lots of references to Abba, some seriously outlandish frocks and some quotes you’ll want to add to your own repertoire.

2. Australia (2008)

Some say this big-budget blockbuster, directed by Baz Luhrmann, fell short of the mark. Others loved its lavish sets, epic love story and strong stance on cultural acceptance. Regardless, be prepared for a long haul, as the film comes in at 165 minutes.

Universally-liked Hugh Jackman plays ‘The Drover’, who attempts to integrate a British socialite, played by Nicole Kidman, into the harsh terrain of the Australian Outback when she arrives to take care of her late husband’s estate. Chock-full of well-known Aussie actors, Australia is a road trip film with a difference, as the characters aren’t driving a car – they are driving cattle.

3. Wolf Creek (2005)

One for the horror buffs out there. Wolf Creek was one of Australia’s attempts at a slasher film- and reviews are mixed as to whether we completely missed the mark or actually hit the nail on the head. Wolf Creek follows the story of three backpackers making their way through the Outback, who unfortunately cross paths with Mick Taylor, an eccentric truckie turned serial killer. What follows is gruesome, to say the least, but John Jarratt’s almost-comical depiction of Mick makes it worth watching. If you have a weak stomach or get jumpy easily, avoid Wolf Creek at all costs.

4. Blurred (2002)

You’d be hard-pressed to find a handful of people you know who have seen this little-known Aussie road trip movie. An Aussie teen film, Blurred follows different groups of recent high-school graduates making their way to the Gold Coast for the notorious booze-fuelled celebration that is Schoolies Week. A great viewing option for recent grads looking to hit Schoolies, but maybe not-so great viewing for their already-anxious parents.

5. Mad Max (1979)

This classic, starring a young Mel Gibson (with his original Aussie accent), is coming up to it’s 40th anniversary, and is still inspiring additions to its world-famous franchise. Action-packed from beginning to end, Max Mad follows a policeman out to stop a violent bikie gang who are wreaking havoc in a dystopian, futuristic world. The most recent addition, Mad Max Fury Road, scooped the pool at the 2016 Academy Awards, reigniting interest in the original films, and showed that they do truly stand the test of time.

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