Whether you’re heading on the ultimate road trip or making a short visit to a new city for work, the last thing you want is to get hit with unexpected tolls or charges while on the road. The good news is that toll roads only exist in NSW, VIC and QLD, and driving a Thrifty vehicle makes managing tolls a breeze.

To help you plan your trip, we’ve put together this handy guide to road tolls and charges in Australia, and what you can expect when driving on toll roads in a Thrifty vehicle.

About tolls and charges with Thrifty

  • When travelling through toll roads in a Thrifty vehicle, you don’t need to take any additional action.


  • We are now partnered with Linkt, which means when you travel on a toll road you will receive a message from Linkt about your account that is used against the details provided at booking.


  • After using a toll road in a Thrifty vehicle, your credit card will be charged the toll fee a $3.30 service fee for each day that you use a toll road via the Linkt account. Read more about the tolling charges here.


  • You can use your own eTag in a Thrifty vehicle and the charges will be as per your personal set up. Just remember to remove it when returning the rental vehicle. You will not be charged twice for toll road travel in your rental vehicle.


  • To access information on toll charges incurred during your rental through the Linkt account method:

– Call: Linkt customer care team on 13 33 31
– You will need to provide your rental agreement number
http://www.linkt.com.au/myaccount to access the invoice
– Alternatively read Thrifty’s tolling charges FAQs.


Toll charges

Toll charges in NSW vary depending on how far you travel and the type of vehicle you’re driving.

See NSW toll calculators at: linkt.com.au/sydney/using-toll-roads/toll-calculator or call 13 33 31.

More information on tolls can be found at linkt.com.au


Toll charges

Toll charges in Victoria vary depending on how far you travel and the type of vehicle you’re driving. See VIC toll calculators at:

To get help call 13 33 31


Where to get help

Call: 13 33 31

Website: https://www.linkt.com.au/brisbane/using-toll-roads/toll-calculator

And if you’re driving a Thrifty vehicle, you can rest assured that all our cars, vans and trucks registered and will be charged appropriately by the relevant toll authority. Alternatively you can bring your own tag and use your own account, but be aware travelling interstate as these passes are state based.

How do I pay for tolls in a hire car?

If you’re driving a hire car in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Queensland you could end up driving on of the toll roads and be charged for your trip. If this happens, keep in mind that you don’t need to pay anything on the spot or take any additional action. You can also provide your own tag if you wish.

For those not using your own tag, after using a toll road in a Thrifty vehicle, you will be notified by Linkt about your Linkt Rental Account. The account details are from what is provided when booking and signing the rental agreement. Linkt will charge the cost of the trips to the credit or debit card provided to Thrifty, plus $3.30 service fee for each day that you use a toll road. You can login to your account using the details sent by Linkt to track trips, access payment details and download statements. In the case of car rentals booked under corporate account, the method of payment will be linked to the Commercial Rental Account – contact your Thrifty account manager if you have any questions.

Need help with road tolls, car rentals or anything else? Get in touch with the Thrifty team.