Moving house can be exciting and the start of something new, but that’s not to say it’s always quick and easy! 

Hiring a moving truck can make the move significantly faster and easier, and if you haven’t dealt with one of these trucks in the past, learning a few basic tips and tricks is a good place to start. 

Here are our best trips and tricks for how to pack a moving truck when you book your Thrifty truck rental. 

Disassemble furniture 

Most dining tables, all beds, and other furniture items can be disassembled. 

While it will take a little preparation in a day or two before the move, it will make moving easier as items take up less space in the truck when they are flat packed. It can also make items easier to lift and carry through small doorways, and can help to protect your expensive items. 

Start big

Get the hardest parts out of the way first by loading all of your biggest and heaviest items onto the truck first. 

This includes items such as your washing machine and dryer, mattresses, cabinets and chests of drawers, couches, tables, and bed frames. You can fit smaller items around these, but most importantly, the heavy things should not be on top as they can crush or break smaller items, and they will be harder to put on and take off the truck. 

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Keep a pile of smaller items nearby 

As you load those larger items, you’ll notice that small cubby holes occur throughout the truck. This is common for things like shelves, coffee tables, and chairs that don’t stack well. 

Instead of doing absolutely all the large items first then loading the smaller bits and pieces, have a pile of small items nearby that you can slip into these spaces as you go. This will ensure those gaps aren’t covered over before you have the chance to use them, and will help to make the most of the space available. 

Use our hydraulic lifter 

Moving straps are essentially just dedicated cords to tie your furniture in place – your moving truck rental will have areas on the walls to attach them. 

Just make sure you use them! Moving straps hold items in place, so are especially important for heavy items, anything that could fall onto other items, and anything fragile. 

This will help ensure all your possessions stay in the same condition throughout the journey, even around corners and up and down hills. 

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Don’t simply sit light items on top 

With your large, heavy items packed, and the spaces in between filled, that should just leave your smaller, lighter items and boxes. 

Naturally, these will usually go on top, but even though you’ll be a bit tired and ready to just start driving at this point, it’s important not to just sit them up there and go. It’s simply too easy for these items to slip and slide during the drive – and even break. 

Flat items such as artwork and mirrors can be slipped between mattresses. Other light items can still sit on top, but make sure they are either strapped down or wedged in so that they won’t shift during the drive. 

When you hire a truck for moving house, you can make the most of your rental by keeping these tips in mind as you pack. If it seems like it might be too much work to tackle alone, don’t be afraid to also hire moving house services, or a couple of handymen who can lighten the load (literally). 

And finally, be sure to check if your local Thrifty location offers moving supplies – many of our offices will also rent things like boxes and packing tape to make your move that much easier!

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