Trucks have been on the roads for as long as the automotive industry has existed, and there are lots of different times in life when you may need to hire one to transport heavy goods.

You might be moving house, packing up years’ worth of furniture and personal belongings and transporting them to your new address. Or maybe your work calls for a reliable van or truck that can store your equipment and get you from job to job.

Trucks and moving vans are ideal options for so many different hauling needs. And with the truck market constantly evolving to be more and more user-friendly, even trucking amateurs can jump behind the wheel and drive away with ease.

The Thrifty moving van and truck range

Here at Thrifty, we have an extensive range of trucks and vans for hire. From moving vans to tippers, small to large, no matter what your purposes or reasons for hiring, we will have the right vehicle for you.

One of the most common reasons to hire a heavy vehicle is when you’re moving house – and if this sounds like you, before you do anything else, you need to consider how much you’ll be hauling.

A 3-tonne truck holds 18 cubic metres of furniture and is perfect for a studio and up to a small two-bedroom unit. Meanwhile, if you have a small house, a 4.5-tonne truck should be big enough for your needs, while a large three- or four-bedroom house will need a 9-tonne truck rental.

Here at Thrifty car hire, we’ve got you covered no matter how much you need to transport, with the Mitsubishi Canter being one of our most popular options. Its size is ideal for most small-medium moves, and it can be driven on a standard car-class driver’s licence.

Indeed, many people rent a van or a ute when they’re moving house, as they think you need a special class of licence to operate a heavy vehicle. However, you can actually drive small trucks (that have a gross weight of less than 4.5 tonnes) on a standard driver’s licence. So instead of running back and forth in a ute, spending hours trying to get all your possessions from A to B, why not hire a truck and reduce the number of trips you need to take?

If finding the right truck rental to transport your goods is proving difficult, you won’t need to look further than Thrifty. We also offer both manual and automatic truck transmission options to suit any licence type, making it easier and less stressful to get behind the wheel of one of our heavy vehicles.

On top of that, you also have the option of hydraulic and refrigerated trucks – just another way we cater to each of our customers’ unique needs. Each individual depot has a unique range of vehicles, so discover which moving trucks are available at your most convenient Thrifty location today.

Additional benefits for our truck rental customers

The benefits of hiring a rental truck with Thrifty don’t just end with our impressive fleet. We believe our customers deserve to be rewarded, so our rentals come with loads of impressive features to make life a little bit simpler.

For those who need a truck (or even a fleet of trucks) for long-term commercial rentals, we offer fully maintained operating leases. These leases take the stress out of maintaining your fleet yourself, and mean that Thrifty will help you handle any potential issue that arises during the term of your rental.

Of course, we haven’t forgotten about our short-term moving van and truck customers. Even if you only need one of our vehicles for a couple of days, you may still be able to enjoy an upgrade or discount – just take a look at our special deals to see our current offers.

Hot tip: You can usually save money by booking your truck or van rental on a weekday instead of the busy weekends.

Remember that terms and conditions apply, so make sure to check these out on our website or by giving our friendly team a call today.

No matter if you’re moving house or transporting goods, Thrifty has the perfect truck for you. Hiring from us is a hassle-free experience, and we pride ourselves on offering loads of extra benefits to make your drive easier. From moving accessories for hire to additional protection, we’ve got it all. So, think of us when your next heavy-haulage need arises.