The Best of the Eyre Peninsula

The Eyre Peninsula is a holiday destination dreamland for many who either call Australia home or have it on their bucket list. Located in South Australia, the Eyre Peninsula is home to kilometres of jaw-dropping, rugged coastline, enviable blue ocean waters, and incredible experiences. If you are considering a trip unlike any other, we firmly recommend a trip to the Eyre Peninsula for your next holiday.

Cage diving with a Great White Shark.
Dive with the Great Whites

Diving with great white sharks is at the top of many bucket lists, and it is easy to see why. Just off the Eyre Peninsula in Port Lincoln, you can cage dive with the mighty great whites. Head into their underwater habitat and brace yourself for a scare unlike any other as you come face to face with these majestic creatures. It’s one of the most popular activities that take place in the Eyre Peninsula, so book ahead, and get excited!

Swim with Sea Lions

The underwater activities just keep on coming, and this time it’s swimming with the beautiful and fun-loving sea lions of South Australia. Dip and dive with them off the coast around Blyth Island or Baird Bay. The peak season to head to the waters and swim with the sea lions is between September right through to July, so pick out your best swimming costume and get ready for a fun-filled swim you won’t forget in a hurry!

Take Pictures of Cummings Monument

While many head to the Twelve Apostles for their glimpse of an Instagram-worthy limestone monument, you don’t have to! The Eyre Peninsula is home to a beauty of its own, the Cummings Monument. It’s hugely impressive, particularly at sunrise or sunset, when the orange glow casts beautiful shadows across the whole scene. If you’re an experienced surfer, you’ll also love the waters around here, as the waves are mighty and perfect for an hour or two in the surf. However, only head in if you’re plenty experienced, as they are not for beginners.

Marvel at the Coastline

Simply stop off at any point along the Eyre Peninsula for some spectacular scenes! The Eyre Peninsula is a gorgeous stretch of rugged and wild coastline. It has national parks aplenty, each with its own attractions and viewpoints. Some standouts include the Gawler Ranges National Park, Lincoln National Park, or the Coffin Bay National Park. Wherever you go, it’ll be a beauty. 

Paddle with the Cuttlefish

Again, another experience that’ll be remembered for a long time! Swimming with the Australian giant cuttlefish is definitely one for the bucket list. These beautiful sea creatures are the chameleons of the sea, and have the ability to change colours in a split second. You can swim with these native animals in the protected waters of Whyalla. 

Enjoying some oysters at Coffin Bay.
Learn about Oysters

Take the opportunity to learn about oyster harvesting at the world-famous Coffin Bay Oysters. Or, head on a tour at Coffin Bay and see the delicacies in the water before trying them out for yourself. This is a delicious way to experience the local produce of Eyre Peninsula. The Eyre Peninsula is lucky enough to be named the Seafood Frontier of Australia and boasts some of the tastiest and freshest seafood in the whole country. 

The Eyre Peninsula is a beautiful spot. With endless kilometres of wild, rugged coastline, picturesque national parks and plenty of activities, you’ll have a blast holidaying here. Make sure to take plenty of pictures and enjoy every moment as you embrace all the natural beauty and experiences in and around the Eyre Peninsula. 

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