The Best Coffee Shops in Melbourne

If there is one thing that Melbourne is renowned for, it’s their coffee. This city has delighted coffee fans from all over the world, and one thing is for sure - this is more than just a daily cup of brew, this is a lifestyle. Their coffee beans are of the highest quality, the methods to make the coffee are constantly refined and improved, and the cafes are always looking for ways to bring the coffee beans to life. So, it makes sense that if you’re looking for a good cup of morning pick me up, you'd go to Melbourne for it. But, what are the best coffee shops you should check out while you’re in town? Read on to find out!

Barista making latte art.
Aunty Pegs

Rumour has it that Aunty Pegs in Collingwood produces some of the best coffee in the world. Yes, a bold claim, but this is easily one of the best cafes in Melbourne, so with that in mind, it’s probably not a far stretch. The space at Aunty Pegs is large and welcoming, and perfect for those wanting to dip their toes into some fancier coffee than they are used to. To make the experience even more unique, your coffee will even be brewed by your own personal barista!

Atomica Coffee

Atomica Coffee has a reputation as one of the best cafes in Melbourne. It was the first cafe in Melbourne that roasts its own coffee beans in-house, which is an incredible process in itself. Not only do they produce some of the best coffee that you’ll buy, but they also provide coffee tasting and wholesaling services too. This is the best place to head to if you want to taste coffee with a difference - so if you’re serious about caffeine, make sure you pay a visit. 

The Premises

The Premises in Kensington is a gorgeous, recently renovated space with delicious coffee. Enjoy your morning brew with some delicious food, as this cafe uses fresh, local produce to create some really special dishes. The cafe is homely, the staff are lovely, and with the delicious coffee they serve, it is sure to be an experience that you’ll remember. Be sure to try any of the specialty coffee that they’re currently brewing, as it’s sure to be a treat to the taste buds. 

Barista pouring a coffee.
Industry Beans

Frequently seen with a queue outside the door, Industry Beans has established itself as one of the best coffee shops in the world. Come here for a cup and enjoy the experience of being in such a well-regarded space, or to learn about the high-quality beans sourced from Asia, Central America, and Africa. 

Market Lane Coffee

Market Lane Coffee makes coffee with a difference. The creatives behind the cafe deliberately seek out the most distinctive flavoured coffee beans for their brews, which are then roasted carefully in small batches locally in Prahran. Market Lane only serves coffee flavours that are in season, so if you have a favourite bean, make sure to head here when the timing is right. 

Proud Mary

Proud Mary delivers delicious coffee, all-day breakfast, fresh juices, and so much more from their cafe based in Collingwood. The owners here offer a fortnightly subscription to some delicious beans as well, so if you find a flavour you love, be sure to either sign up or purchase a bag to take home with you. 

There are few places in the world that do coffee quite like Melbourne does. If you visit, be sure to try out at least a couple of the cafes in the city and surrounding suburbs. The flavours will be delicious, the delivery impeccable, and you’ll be craving a cup of Melbourne coffee for months to come! 

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