When people think of attractions with a history of documented hauntings they usually think of buildings – old houses, hotels or churches being the most common locations of supernatural activity. How often, however, do you consider roads to be haunted? Well, put aside what you already think you know about ghostly apparitions and scary sights because we have a list of the most haunted roads to plan a detour down on your next big trip – if you’re game!

Lemon Tree Passage Road – Lemon Tree Passage, New South Wales

If you get a kick out of hearing new urban legends – especially Aussie ones – then the myth of this little-known supposedly-haunted road will get your blood pumping.

Located in the suburb of Lemon Tree Passage, a suburb of Port Stephens, north of Newcastle in New South Wales, Lemon Tree Passage Road has long been the subject of local legend. The myth goes that if you speed down this stretch of road, surrounded by woods, you will have a run-in with a ghost or experience some supernatural occurrences.

Nobody knows just quite where the rumour that Lemon Tree Passage Road was a spooky hotspot stemmed from, but many locals or tourists passing through have told of chilling experiences. The most common story told appears to involve bright lights that come and go from nowhere and very nearly run many drivers off the road. Sceptics have been quick to shut down the myth by explaining the lights could be the result of a combination of twists and turns in the roads and car lights.

If you are a horror movie buff, you’ll know that the urban legend was the inspiration for the 2014 film, Lemon Tree Passage, where some locals decide to take American tourists travelling through down the road for a lark. The outcome? You’ll have to watch to find out.

“The Bloody Mile”- Shellharbour, New South Wales

This road, located between the Princes Highway and the South Coast railway line in New South Wales, has earned the name “The Bloody Mile”- and for good reason. According to local historical experts, 13 murders have occurred on this one stretch of desolate road, which makes it eerie enough in itself, without adding to that the numerous sightings of the moaning apparitions of the victims wandering aimlessly up and down the length of it. If you’re a believer, it’s worth a look.

The Pilliga Princess, Newell Highway, New South Wales

This myth seems to be slightly more entrenched in fact than our other examples of haunted roads. The Pilliga Princess was the name locals gave to a homeless lady who wandered the Newell Highway with her shopping trolley of collectables. Extremely eccentric, the old woman was killed in 1993, after being accidentally hit by a truck travelling down the stretch. Many locals and those travelling along the Newell claim to have seen her in the decades since her death, still pushing her trolley along the highway. Have you got goosebumps yet?
If you aren’t too frightened, be sure to tick these haunted roads off your Aussie road trip bucket list and report back your findings!