Are you dreaming of taking time out of your daily grind to hit the open road and explore everything Australia has to offer? Maybe the thought of budgeting for a much-needed getaway is becoming a blockade to your big plans? Never fear! There’s no need to put your road trip on the back-burner just because you are worried about breaking the bank. The beauty of Australia (other than its friendly people and unmatched diversity) is that it is possible to explore pockets of it without penny-pinching.

Thrifty loves exploring our big island possible on any budget, and our tips and tricks for getting you there and back with cash to spare will help make that dream holiday a reality in no time.

Fuel up mindfully

The mere thought of fuelling up for a big road trip can be an off-putting element in itself. With petrol prices skyrocketing, budgeting for your drive from A to B can be stressful.

If you’re looking to save at the pump, for starters, we recommend the my nrma app for your smartphone. This mobile app pinpoints the cheapest fuel options in your immediate area. It’s a great way to save some coin on the road.

If you want to reserve the travel kitty for more exciting road trip activities, hit the road with a carload of your besties. Splitting the cost of petrol can make a serious difference to your wallet, plus you’ll have a bunch of mates to share your adventures with.

Another top tip for keeping the constant need for refueling down is to remove excess weight from your vehicle. Packing only the essentials actually increases your vehicle’s fuel economy. After all, we are all prone to overpacking, aren’t we?

Thrifty offers a handy pre-paid fuel option with any vehicle rental, providing competitive pricing compared to the figures at the pump. We also have ongoing online specials that make travelling a breeze for our customers – bonus!

Experience the great outdoors for free

Ditch the need to splash out exorbitant portions of the road trip budget on expensive entry fees to busy tourist attractions – Australia is brimming with stunning photo opportunities that don’t cost a cent.

In the great city of Sydney? Walk Bondi to Tamarama for a coastal spectacle, visit the Royal Botanic Gardens, or stroll the Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you find yourself on the other side of the country, watch the sun set over the Indian Ocean at Cottesloe Beach in friendly Perth or wander the historic Fremantle Markets.

If you fancy feeding your artsy side, the the Art Gallery of NSW is worth an afternoon wander. In fact, the permanent exhibition of most major art galleries across the country is often free for the public to peruse, and many offer free guided tours at set times, where you can indulge in the history of the creations before you. The National Gallery of Victoria is one such landmark, and this Melbourne institution is a great place to get lost in – without spending a cent!

Australia is the place to make your own fond travel memories without the need for lavish spending.

Be healthy, wealthy and wise (with your road trip funds)

Eating in Australia can be expensive, especially when on the road. When you are in holiday mode, it’s easy to throw caution to the wind and spend some serious cash on food and drinks. They can be the biggest cost to your travel fund but easily combatted with simple planning. Keep the costs down by taking advantage of public water fountains to refill water bottles (and keep plastic consumption down), stock up on groceries from the local supermarket, and keep an eye out for restaurant specials if you really want to splurge and eat out.

There are so many ways you can enjoy your highly-anticipated Aussie road trip and make your money travel further. With some planning, self-discipline, and forethought, your break can be just as fun and memorable as travelling in the lap of luxury.