As far as road trips go, Brisbane to Noosa can sometimes be overlooked due to its short leg.

And while it can be done in under two hours, the 148-kilometre trip should really be done over a day or two, stopping to enjoy some iconic sites and taking in some vitamin D. Because if there’s one thing you can expect on this trip, it’s a whole lot of sunshine, so why not take this leisurely drive along one of Australia’s best-known coastline.

Starting Point: Brisbane

If you’re flying into Brisbane, rest assured there’s plenty to see and do. This city is fast becoming a metropolitan haven, with a thriving food scene, a cultural hub with world-class galleries and entertainment, and a sporting scene to rival that of Melbourne.

But first: car hire! Pick up your Brisbane airport car hire, or if you’re taking the Brisbane airport shuttle to your hotel, there are several Brisbane car hire locations scattered around Brisbane’s metro suburbs.

Stop 1: Bribie Island

80km | 1h 32 mins from Brisbane

This small sand island forms the northern part of the Moreton Bay coastline. It’s linked to the mainland by a road bridge and offers gorgeous coastal scenery plus national and marine parks. Spend a few hours there to enjoy the various wildlife and water sports or just wander along the beaches. The entire island is only 8 km at its widest so why not hire a bike and cycle from one side to the other. Alternatively, the 34 km horizontal stretch would make for a lovely drive.

Stop 2: Australia Zoo, Beerwah

60km | 1h from Bribie Island

Home of iconic crocodile hunter Steve Irwin and his family, who have kept his dream alive. Australia Zoo is now one of the biggest wildlife conservation facilities in the word and home to a myriad of animals from A to Z, along with a great team of conservationists who, along with Terry, Bindi, and Bob, have created an epic experience to take the family to.

Stop 3: Sunshine Coast

90km | 1h 23 mins from Australia Zoo

Technically speaking, the Sunshine Coast stretches from the coastal city of Caloundra to the Cooloola section of the Great Sandy National Park where you’ll find multi-coloured sand dunes, fresh lakes and mangrove forests. We couldn’t pick just one spot for the stunning coast, so we suggest stopping at a few spots along the way. Our top picks are Golden Beach for swimming, Kings Beach for surfing, and Glass House Mountains for hiking and scenic peaks!

Finish Line: Noosa

45km | 40 mins from Sunshine Coast

Welcome to paradise. As one of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations, Noosa ups the ante. It offers a smorgasbord of activities for holiday goers including pristine beaches (head to Tea-Tree Bay for a 10/10 beach experience) a main street full of gastronomic and shopping delights, a national park trail (make sure to pack the camera for this) and the warm and friendly nature of the Noosa locals – because who wouldn’t be lovely living up there! Plus, there are plenty of Noosa day trips available, venturing to the surrounding areas such as Fraser Island and Hervey Bay.

If this is where your journey ends, you can easily get from Noosa to Brisbane airport in just a few hours, and return your Thrifty vehicle to any of our locations in Brisbane or Brisbane Airport.

So by now you’re hopefully thoroughly convinced that this is one road trip worthy of at least a few days. There’s no time to waste – book your Thrifty vehicle with us today and enjoy yet another one of Australia’s great road trips! We recommend one with a sunroof to enjoy those rays.