Whether you’re a car expert or an amateur in the world of cars, there’s no doubt you’ve probably heard of the exciting developments coming out of Tesla Motors, the American company led by entrepreneur Elon Musk that is pioneering state-of-the-art electric vehicles with autonomous capabilities.

The exhilarating Tesla Model S is a car unlike anything you’ve ever driven before. The exciting news: those local to Thrifty Canberra now have the opportunity to drive it for themselves.

With its luxury appointed interior, 17 inch touch screen controlling many of the car’s functions and autonomous driving capabilities the Tesla Model S really is the car of the future.  With the ability to park itself, change lanes and open the doors for you it offers a glimpse of what driving in the future will look and feel like. With the ability to travel over 300 kms without recharging the Tesla Model S puts paid to those still doubting electric vehicle capabilities.

Tesla is building a network of superchargers across Australia that fully charge the vehicle in 75 minutes – the perfect excuse to stop for lunch or dinner.

Thrifty Canberra is excited to welcome the award-winning Tesla Model S to its fleet. 

Rent the Tesla Model S today !

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