As the hairs on the back of your neck begin to prickle, a shiver runs down your spine, and you suddenly get the feeling of being watched – you’ll know you’ve arrived in Picton. 

This spooky location is one of the most haunted places in NSW, and it’s just a 1 hour drive from Sydney. That means it’s the perfect destination for a short road trip this Halloween! 

Picton is the site of many tragic deaths in its dark history, many of which were centred around the town’s tunnel – but that’s not the only place that has a mysterious past, and a spine-chilling present. 

While there used to be ghost tours available in Picton, the local council shut them down, so a car rental is your best way to see them all. Here are all the spooky activities and attractions to check out in Picton. 

The Picton Tunnel

The Picton Tunnel is the heart of the haunted sites in the area. While it was originally built as a rail tunnel, it was also used as a storage area during WWII for mustard gas and ammunition. 

The most well known ghost in the tunnel is that of a woman named Emily Bollard, who was struck and killed by a train over 100 years ago. It is said that her ghost haunts the tunnel to this day. 

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The Wollondilly Shire Council

A council building is perhaps not the kind of place you would expect to be haunted, but the Wollondilly Shire Council is apparently not just haunted by one ghost – but three. 

As darkness descends this October 31, take a stroll by the council building and see if you can spot a ghostly man dressed in a hat, or a small boy, or listen for the sounds of a small girl. 

This creepy site is actually a beautiful old building as well, so be sure to take a look during daylight hours as well. 

The Old Maternity Hospital

The Old Maternity Hospital is located on the corner of Downing and Argyle Streets, and is said to be especially spooky. 

The sounds of crying babies are common, but it’s the terrifying matron who truly scares those who come too close. The site is now a private residence, but stories abound of visitors who have woken in the night with the feeling of invisible hands at their throats. 

The Imperial Hotel 

Finally, The Imperial Hotel is where you can truly test your mettle and find out if ghosts exist once and for all. 

Stop in for a meal, or push your limits and book a room for the night. Here, you might meet the presence that follows staff through the halls, or hear the Jukeboxes switched on and playing music – even when they’re not plugged in. Or in the quiet hours of the night, listen for the sounds of splashing from the nearby Stonequarry Creek, where many have drowned and are said to still make their presence heard. 

So, are you scared of ghosts? Book your car rental in Sydney to take this drive, or check out our other Australian road trips on our blog if you’d rather something less creepy!