Ahh the joys of moving house! There’s no denying, it can be a tedious process. But it doesn’t have to be. Preparation is key and Thrifty is here to help you with that.

We’ve put together a few ways to move house efficiently, effectively and with the least amount of stress possible. Here’s our moving house checklist that will get you off to a great start.

Set a moving date and book your truck

As soon as you’ve decided on a date to move, arranging your moving truck rental is the first step to take. This will remove a lot of stress down the line and set things in motion. Thrifty has a range of moving vans and trucks suitable for all types of home moves. Many of them can even be driven on a standard car licence. If in doubt, head here to determine which moving truck size is the right one for you.

Create a moving house checklist

This checklist is going to be your moving bible. It will contain things such as:

  • Which items you’re packing
  • Which items you’re throwing out/giving away
  • Measurements of furniture
  • What parking permits, if any, you’ll need to obtain
  • Cancelling or updating gas/electricity/water/internet accounts

Basically, any task you can think of needs to be added to your moving house checklist.

This will also determine our next step…

Arrange your moving services and supplies

We’re talking about all those extra items beyond packing boxes that you’ll need to orchestrate the move. Rope, tape, bubble wrap, trolleys, containers and labels- just to name a few.

Did you know Thrifty offer all of the above when you pick up your hire truck? We’ll sort out those handy moving extras for you.Simply call ahead of your booking to request specific supplies and we’ll check the availability for that location. Also, our removal truck hire usually comes with a hydraulic lift, which can be a lifesaver for your back if you’ve got loads to carry.

There are also moving services which help you pack your items and unpack them once you’re in your new home.

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Create a floor plan

The best way to ensure your move goes smoothly once everything is at your new home, is by knowing exactly where to place it. Obtain a floor plan of your new home and begin marking where all the furniture will go. It will identify any gaps in furniture – if you need to buy another side table, lamp, etc. Likewise, it will tell you if you need to get rid of some furniture.

Have a Packing Room

If you can, start packing weeks in advance – little by little. Designate a room or area in your house to place all of the packed items. Start with items you don’t use that often – winter clothes, BBQ tools, books, sheets etc. Even if it’s one box every few days, it will make a world of difference when it comes to the final moving slog days and will ensure the move is as stress-free as possible.

So, by now you should be feeling somewhat relieved to know that your upcoming move doesn’t have to be a drain! Use the above tips to start off on the right path for moving house and remember that preparation is key. Good luck with the move!