Margaret River Region - Beyond the Wine

Something special is going down in WA’s Margaret River region. What was once a closely guarded secret has now blossomed into one of WA’s most popular tourist getaways. A sight for sore eyes has now spread its wings, opening its doors to a new and exciting world for us to explore. If you came here searching for your next bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, then you have come to the right place – just not the right article. Join us as we unearth the treasures of the Margaret River Region – beyond the wineries.

Bathe in the Pellucid Waters of the Injidup (Wyadup) Natural Spa

The cat is out of the bag at one of the Margaret River region’s most prized natural swimming holes, laid bare by some epic photography placing WA well and truly on the world map. The insta-famous Injidup Natural Spa once a haven for endearing locals is now being gradually overrun by an army of inspired influencers and travellers chasing their piece of the Injidup pie. A place once shrouded in secrecy now rains down as one of the region’s most popular tourist attractions, all sharing in the spoils of this mesmeric rock pool. Yet the steady encore of tourists has done little to dampen the majesty of this magical natural spa, adding a touch of class and elegance to the Margaret River region. Bathe in the pellucid waters of this angelic natural spa, a symphony of waves sporadically caressing the weathered cracks of moody boulders to form natural jets akin to a spa. Proving a little tricky to find, head to the end of Wyadup Road and park up at the small gravel car park. From here set off on foot down the weary tracks to the left for the initial descent before winding back right over a series of rustic boulders. 

Unearth the treasures of a time bygone at the Margaret River Caves.

Uncover a world like no other, deep within the depths of the unknown at one of Margaret River’s spine-tingling underground caverns. Lying deep beneath the Leeuwin-Naturaliste ridge is a series of intricate limestone caves first discovered in 1848 by early European settlers. Formed over a million years ago, these awe-inspiring caverns were created via the dissolution of rainwater and limestone gradually eroding the carbonate rock to form extraordinary karst crystal caves underground. Bask in the grandeur of these naturally sculpted ancient wonderlands, with over 100 elaborate cave systems residing within the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park. Currently, only four caves remain open to the public (Mammoth Cave, Jewel Cave, Lake Cave and Ngilgi Cave), contrasting worlds with an uncanny resemblance. Marvel at the sheer magnitude of some of the world’s longest straw stalactites, uncover the fossilised remains of Australia’s long-extinct megafauna and learn about the origins of a time bygone. Immerse yourself in the stories, bridging the past present and future of these enchanting crystal caves on a guided or self-guided tour underground.  

Lust in the Luxury of some of the World’s Most Epic Beaches

There’s something a little romantic about the beaches that grace the iridescent shores of the Margaret River region. The breeze in your hair, the sand in your toes and the sweet-smelling aromas of the balmy sea air ignite your senses. Encompassing over 100km of pristine coastline, it is fair to say that the beach is a pretty big deal in this slice of the world. From the serene crystalline waters of Geographe Bay to the swathe of pearly white sands that envelop the tranquil shores of Meelup Beach. Soak up the splendour from the insta-famous natural spa at Injidup Beach or chase world-class swells at the iconic Surfer’s Point. These beaches and more are just a taste of what’s on offer along the Margaret River region’s seamlessly endless coastline. A little slice of paradise right on the doorstep of WA’s Southwest.

Marvel at the Majesty of Boranup’s Karri Forest

One of the Margaret River region’s best-kept secrets is a scenic drive through the otherworldly Boranup Karri Forest. A stunning display of mother nature’s underlying natural beauty and resilience, gaze in awe at the towering Karri trees that help breathe life into this spellbinding environment. A sensory overload, feast your senses on the solacing ambience that encircles this highly fragile ecosystem and the sacred lands of the Wardandi people. Keep your eyes peeled for rare resident black cockatoos, ring-tailed possums and masked owls dangling in the trees, their resurgence is a testament to ongoing conservation efforts to preserve these pristine lands. Only a short 25-minute drive south of Margaret River, head off the beaten track onto Boranup Drive and loop down to the Boranup Lookout. Spy the contrasting landscapes that illuminate these revitalised lands, a vast sea of green assimilated by the gorgeous turquoise hues of Hamelin Bay in the distance.

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