Queensland-born Phoebe is a traveller at heart with a passion for photography that’s only matched by her way with words. Her blog Little Grey Box is a treasure trove of stories and adventures that’s both relatable and awe-inspiring

Recently, we asked Phoebe a few quick questions about her adventures, and her responses had us nodding our heads in agreement and giggling at her honesty.

What’s the travel story you love telling the most?

Oh gosh, my favourite travel story is from my trip to Morocco a few years ago. I was on a private guided tour with my partner and an amazing guide, Yousef, from Rough Tours. I’d been feeling really trapped and depressed about my job, but on this holiday I had begun to feel free again, replenished by the adventure. 

We were driving through the middle of absolute nowhere, on our way to the Sahara Desert, when Yousef pulled over the car and told me to get out. He put Matt in the driver seat then helped me climb onto the roof of the Pajero, sitting on the stack of spare tyres, holding on the netting. He told Matt to drive, fast! We took off, ripping along a dirt road in the middle of nowhere, clinging to the roof of this car, Yousef laughing and cheering. 

I felt a bit scared at first, worrying about all the things that could go wrong. Suddenly I realised I wasn’t really enjoying the moment, I was living in the fears of what could happen. I told my mind to let it all go and just relax. I sunk into that moment and for the first time in a long time, felt totally wild and free. I wasn’t afraid, I was just happy. That moment really changed me and I think of it all the time. It reminds me to be present and not afraid of things that haven’t even happened.

Any tips for budding travel photographers?

Don’t compare your work to other people’s or feel overwhelmed by the number of travel photographers out there. Your expression is totally unique and nobody can ever take a photo like you can. Trust your artistic expression and take photos you love! Find the joy and happiness in it, that’s the key.

What’s your all-time favourite snap from a trip you’ve taken?

I just spent 4 weeks in New Zealand and pretty much every photo taken on the South Island is a keeper. I had a few too many wines the other night and I was going through them all on my laptop, convincing myself those photos were good enough to go in a National Geographic mag. They aren’t, but it’s nice to dream.

Where’s your favourite place to visit in Australia?

I’m a Queensland girl, so I love to visit the beaches of Queensland. Favourite spots include Lady Elliot Island, Agnes Water, Fraser Island, Rainbow Beach and my beloved Gold Coast. I just live for Queensland! I’d love to think I’m hardcore enough to travel the world and be nomadic but the truth is, I love coming home to Queensland.