UPDATED: Holiday car games for kids

Heading off on a Christmas road trip? We’ve got a special addition to our car games packet – holiday-themed puzzles! Enjoy these extra dot-to-dots, colouring pages, word searches and spot-the-difference pages as you make your journey this silly season.


Download word search


Download colouring in pack


Download dot-to-dot pack


Download spot the difference pack

Or download the entire holiday games pack.

More car games for kids

Got more driving to do? If your youngsters have finished all of our Holiday games on your Christmas road trip, don’t worry – we’ve got heaps more. You can download any of our traditional car games below. Have fun!

Word search

Download word search

Colour me in

Download the colouring pack


Download the maze pack

Dot to dot

Download the dot -to-dot pack

Trivia quiz

Download the trivia quiz


Download jokes pack

Spot the difference

Download the spot the difference pack

We know the struggle

Taking road trips with kids can be tricky business. Of course it’s rewarding to show your children the gorgeous sights of our vast country, but the lead-up can be arduous to say the least.

There’s packing for yourself, then making sure the rest of the family has everything they need as well. Because of course if you left the kids in charge of their own bags you’d probably end up with a backpack full of dinosaur toys and half a sandwich.

Then once you’re finally on the road you’ve got all the toilet breaks and pit-stops, not to mention the seemingly endless chorus of “are we there yet?” coming from the backseat. And to think, you’ve got a whole holiday of this to look forward to…

We’ve got the solution!

Perfect for kids aged five to 12, each game in our activity packet comes with instructions when needed. This content is all easily downloadable so you can print it and bring it with you on the road, or alternatively you can simply view it on a mobile device. You won’t hear a peep from the backseat as you cruise off on your dream family road trip!