Uber has taken off in a big way since its creation. Their ride-share program has been the go-to for those looking for a budget alternative to taking a taxi and for those looking to make a second income as a driver. It really is the ultimate all-rounder and its exceeding popularity is a testament to that.

Now, Thrifty and Uber have a special deal in store for those in Sydney looking to make a bit of cash as an Uber driver.

If you don’t own a car or are looking for one that is already vetted by and fulfils Uber’s standards for road safety, Thrifty has the answer.

With rates starting from a competitive $246 a week, registered UberX drivers have the option of four cars to choose from and will receive Premium Protection cover included in the price. Rental periods range from a week to two months, dependent on your own unique needs.

Thrifty will ultimately keep you on the road and ensure your income as an Uber driver isn’t compromised by the hassle and countless issues of owning your own car. Additionally, if you are already a registered UberX driver, Thrifty will commit to getting you on the road in your new car rental within three days of applying.

If you’re not yet an UberX driver, the team at Thrifty can send out a handy info pack to make the rental process simple and straightforward once you have qualified. Once you are a certified UberX driver, sign up easily on our website to get on the road.

A simple answer to making some extra cash, meeting new people and exploring Sydney’s surrounds? You can thank us later.