In 2018, a study from HP Australia and Planet Ark found that more than 90 per cent of Australians are concerned about sustainability and the environment – but only half of Aussies believe they are doing enough for the environment. 

There are of course countless ways to be kinder to the environment, from using reusable bottles and coffee mugs to volunteering in beach clean up days. And as for taking your next holiday, you can not only opt for a road trip instead of a flight, but also opt for eco friendly cars instead of standard vehicles. 

How eco friendly hybrid cars help the environment  

An eco friendly car rental now means you can opt to hire a hybrid car in Australia. For example, the Toyota Corolla Hybrid is a great option that more and more people are choosing to help bring down their fuel consumption (and fuel cost!) during road trips. 

But how does it help exactly?

As the name suggests, a hybrid uses two sources of power – petrol and electricity. The goal is to cut down on the amount of petrol used, replacing it with the increasingly sustainable source of electrical power. 

A hybrid will typically draw power from its electrical supplies when it is idling in traffic, and for slower speeds, such as driving around suburbs or town. It will then only switch to petrol consumption as you speed up, or cruise at high speeds such as on the motorway. 

Another great feature in these cars is that they actively charge during deceleration and braking, as the motor will continue to generate power, and the battery will then store that power instead of letting it go to waste. 

Will renting a hybrid car affect your drive?

The benefits of an eco friendly car rental are clear, but the first concern raised by many is whether this new system negatively impacts the drive itself. 

The answer is no, your drive won’t be any less powerful or comfortable than what you’re used to. If anything, it will be more advanced than before. 

For example, the Toyota Corolla Hybrid offers enhanced drive power and more controlled, efficient take-offs. It also includes smarter automatic gear changes, and controlled braking, making for a smooth and comfortable driving experience whether you’re on the road for work, a family getaway, or a quick weekend break. 

Plus, driving a hybrid is also quieter than a full petrol engine, making for an even more comfortable drive. 

Keep in mind that you are more than welcome to rent a hybrid car as something of a test drive if you’re considering making a hybrid car purchase. This will give you more time to truly get a feel for the vehicle, including how it handles at speed, and how long you can drive before needing to recharge and refuel. 

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