“Moving house is a walk in the park!” said no one ever. Moving house is stressful. We get it.

Many questions often arise. Some of the most common ones are around how to actually move your things from one house to the next. Any of these sound familiar?

Should I hire a moving truck?

How much does a moving truck cost to rent?

What size truck do I need?  

Because we want to assist you in making this process as seamless as possible, we’ve put together a moving truck cost guide to help you.

So, how much is a moving truck?

Good question. To find out the cost of a moving truck for your impending move, you’ll need to determine how much stuff you actually have to move.

The best way to do this would be to check out our handy moving truck infographic. From there you’ll get a good idea of which kind of moving truck is best suited for your needs.

Our range of moving trucks and their prices include and start from:

5m^3 Delivery Van

Ideal if you need need to move some small items. It will accommodate a single mattress and base. Hire from $99 per day.

Single Cab Tray Ute

Ideal for small moves, trips to the tip and gardening, this ute has fold-down sides on the tray for easy loading and unloading. Hire from just $67 per day.

High Roof Delivery Van

Moving into a share house? Our high roof delivery van is great for moving a bedroom and easily accommodates a queen size mattress. Hire from $132 per day.

Moving truck

Perfect for medium-sized (ie: 3 bedroom house) moves, the moving van may come fitted with a hydraulic lift and has tie-down rails throughout the truck. Hire from $199 per day.

Please note that moving trucks and the above prices are estimates and subject to availability. Check in with your local Thrifty car hire location to find out if they stock what you’re after.

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So, whether you’re looking to hire a moving truck for home or office relocations, Thrifty offers a range of moving trucks that can be hired on a regular car license. Many of them are available in automatic options for those who don’t drive manual.

Hopefully, now you’ve got a better idea of how the cost of a moving truck. If you would like to run through things in more detail, simply pop into one of our nationwide car hire locations to find the best solutions for your moving needs.

Beyond the moving truck hire, we also offer moving accessories including tape and ropes to secure the load and moving boxes to help with packing and transportation. Find out more by visiting Thrifty online.

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