Tired of the dreary, drizzly weather? Ready to stop layering all your clothes on top of one another just to walk to the mailbox? 

It might be time for a road trip to a warmer location, and we’ve got just the place: the Atherton Tablelands. 

This little pocket of goodness is found a little back from the coastline between Cairns and Townsville, so it is sometimes overlooked for the world-class beaches and reefs along the shoreline. 

The Atherton Tablelands weather is warm and inviting, the attractions are numerous, the scenery is superb, and the time to go is right now. 

Here’s a little more on why you should make the trip! 

Stay in hidden Canopy Treehouses

How long has it been since you spent a night in a treehouse? 

While there is plenty of Atherton Tablelands accommodation to choose from, The Canopy Treehouses is easily one of the coolest. You’ll find them amongst 100 acres of ancient rainforest, where you can look out your window to enjoy the lush flora and incredible wildlife around you. 

Plus, these aren’t your ordinary treehouses – these six units are luxurious and comfortable, so you get all the modern comforts with your outdoorsy accommodation. 

Explore the rainforests 

Step away from normal life and into a surreal rainforest environment where it feels like time stands still. 

The rainforests of the Atherton Tablelands are vast and spectacular. In fact, the area known as the Wet Tropics covers almost 9,000 square kilometres, and ticks all four criteria boxes for natural heritage for selection as a World Heritage Site. 

You can either explore on your own with a Cairns rental car, or book a tour to learn more about the area from an experienced guide and simply enjoy the ride. This is a fantastic way to see some of the many Atherton Tablelands waterfalls, such as the renowned Millaa Millaa Falls, and the Malanda Falls. 

See what’s on offer at the Atherton Tablelands Markets 

From juicy, fresh local fruits, to gorgeous craft souvenirs and jams and preserves that you can take home with you, farmers’ markets are always a fun way to pass a morning. Plus, there are so many dotted throughout the region, that you should be able to find one no matter when you arrive. 

In the town of Atherton, they are held on the first Saturday of the month. In Cairns, they are held every Saturday by the Lagoon, and you’ll also find night markets every day of the week. And in Kuranda, the markets are open every single day. 

Meet the wildlife

It’s hardly a trip to the Atherton Tablelands without interacting with some of the wildlife. 

Make your way to Kuranda, where you can visit three amazing wildlife hotspots. The Kuranda Koala Gardens is ideal for a quick cuddle with these sleepy and gorgeous teddy bears, the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary will amaze you with the array and beauty of the local butterflies, and Birdworld Kuranda will get you up close and personal with free-flying feathered friends. 

Whether it’s a long weekend or a two-week holiday, there’s no place to escape the winter blues quite like the Atherton Tablelands. Explore our Cairns car rental options to start making it a reality!