Mad Max: Fury Road was one of the break out cinematic hits of 2015, and this film’s road to success all started in Australia back in 1979. There’s no denying that the Mad Max universe is a firmly Aussie gem.

While heavier than normal rains meant Fury Road had to hit the road during production for the drier and more apocalyptic Namibian desert, Australia is still home to many classic Mad Max filming locations.

Now, with Fury Road winning more Oscars than any other film at the Academy Awards this year, more people are turning their attention to the classic roadster series. It is inevitable, then, that fans of the series would consider taking holidays to the stunning locations and backdrops that feature so heavily in the films.

And, when you think of hot, red sand, broad blue skies and remoteness, you think of Australia.

If you want to take a Fury Road Trip this year, it’s time to hire a rental car in Melbourne. For fans of the original Mad Max films, Victoria is the place to be.

The expansive red deserts and post-apocalyptic towns that featured alongside Mel Gibson are scattered throughout the state. Take a trip from Little River to Clunes to travel some of the same roads graced by Max’s infamous Pursuit Special.

Further afield, Silverton in the far west New South Wales hold a range of treasures. Mad Max 2 was filmed in the area around the desert town, and the locals have embraced their claim to fame with gusto.

Here, you can visit the iconic Mad Max 2 Museum, where you can see the Ford V8 Interceptor and other memorabilia from the classic films.

Australia is the perfect place to express your love of the Mad Max films, and there’s no better way to travel than by hire car.