Travelling on your own can be the best thing you ever do. It can be challenging, liberating, exciting – and also means you don’t have to wait around for your mates to get their act together and slowly save their cash to book your trip together. You can take off when it suits you, work to your own itinerary, see the sights you really want to see, and learn things about yourself you never even knew before being thrown in the deep end alone.

Solo travel can, however, have its downsides. Lack of a travel partner can mean having to take selfies of yourself everywhere – often resulting in cutting out a large chunk of the attraction you are attempting to pose in front of. Things can be more expensive as a single traveller, and being alone can mean you miss out on those all-too-common two-for-one deals. Sometimes though, it’s just the simple things like missing human connection or being able to marvel at a sight with someone that can make brave solo travellers feel suddenly lonely on the road.

Luckily, an Australian developer has discovered the cure for holiday loneliness in the form of a simple new app. The ‘Solo Traveller’ app is like the Tinder of the travel scene – it connects travellers with each other no matter what city they are in, pinpointing them according to their current location.
Not only that, but it also lists local attractions and handy tips to help you along the way on your adventure.

The idea came to Troy Elmes, the creator of Solo Traveller, when he was travelling through Spain by himself. The app is now connecting millions of travellers throughout the world and helping people click with others passing through the same area.