So you’re a newcomer to the vast expanse that is Australia? Welcome to our shores!
Here at Thrifty, we are experts in safe driving on Australian roads – which for many planning extensive off-road trips can seem like a huge undertaking, and complicated at times.
We’ve broken down the must-do’s and must haves for you to make that trip that you have been looking forward to go as seamlessly and enjoyably as possible.

Know your left from your right

For those coming from countries where driving on the left side of the road is standard – you won’t have any issues. You’ll be across the board and comfortable with driving a right-hand drive car as well.
There are, however, many countries that have left-hand drive cars as standard and driving on the right-hand side of the road is the law. You’ll need a little practise, so when you arrive in Australia, take some time to familiarise yourself with this new way of driving by driving on smaller roads and not hitting the freeway straight away! Slowly ease yourself into your trip before you feel like you’ve got a handle on doing things the other way around.

Have the correct paperwork

Make sure you check the requirements for driving on Australian roads with your foreign licence. In Australia, the laws surrounding driving with a foreign licence differ depending on the state you are driving in. In some, you may be required to apply for and carry an international driver’s licence on top of your foreign one, and in others, you may only need your current licence as well as a translation of this licence into English. Do your research before renting a car with Thrifty from any of our locations Australia-wide.

Hire the perfect car for the terrain you are driving on

Roading conditions in Australia are diverse. Whether you are driving in our sparse Outback, on our smooth freeways, or going off-road on bumpy terrain – no vehicle is perfect for each kind of driving. If you need a vehicle with a little more grunt and plan on going off the beaten track, make sure you are familiar with our often harsh terrain and hire a 4WD or SUV that will go the distance. Maybe you are averse to going bush and plan on doing more urban driving than anything else. A small or medium car with enough boot space for all of your luggage and souvenirs will be sufficient.
Our expert team is happy to talk you through the vehicle that is right for your road-tripping needs.

Always make sure to do your research on the laws around driving in Australia, as well as the terrain you will be driving on, before embarking on your road trip.