Did you see Australia and picture yourself on an outback station, droving cattle and cracking a whip? Maybe you saw City Slickers back in the day and loved the idea of taking off with a group of friends on a life-changing trip where you could act out your childhood dream of being a cowboy (or cowgirl) on the lam?

Well, whether you are an Aussie looking for an interstate getaway, or an international traveller to our shores who wants the ultimate outback adventure – you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve put together a list of the best outback station road trips in Australia – your only problem will be deciding which one is perfect for you!

Fraser Range Station, Western Australia

This outback station is well-known for its quintessentially Australian landscape that surrounds it, its top-quality accommodation and its prime location along the Nullarbor.

Located in Western Australia, 100km east of Norseman and on the road to South Australia, Fraser Range Station is a popular stop-off point for weary travellers who have been driving this notoriously-sparse stretch of the Nullarbor.

If you are expecting the same arid, flat views that the rest of the plain is made up of, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you find. Surrounded by a beautiful eucalyptus forest, granite hills that tower over the land and not a neighbour for miles and miles, Fraser Range is a top choice for an outback station getaway.

The accommodation is also perfect to kick back, relax, and clear the mind in an outback setting, with a range of 100-year-old stone rooms that are comfortable but will also give you a first-hand insight into life on the land.

Curtin Springs Station, Northern Territory

This property, owned by the same family for over half a century, is an outback ranch experience like no other. Primarily a cattle station contributing to Australia’s production of top-quality beef, Curtin Springs is a great stop-off point for travellers heading through to the Red Centre, as it is a mere 100km east of Uluru. Why not visit the famous rock, check out the nearest major city, Alice Springs, and then head to this outback station for some much needed R&R? With accommodation to suit any budget – from campsites, to shared or private rooms – Curtin Springs is a must if you are planning a break in the Northern Territory.

Mt Ive Station, South Australia

This family-owned sheep station is located 200km west of picturesque Port Augusta in South Australia. With breathtaking views, an endless number of local walking tracks to get your heart pumping, and a great budget-friendly range of family-friendly accommodation options, Mt Ive Station is an outback station that should be on your Aussie road trip bucket list. You’ll get a first-hand look at the inner workings of a ranch, as well as getting back to nature in this tranquil setting.


Image: North Sullivan; Destination NSW