The Best of Bruny Island

Tasmania is one of the most beautiful states in Australia, and Bruny Island is one of the stars in its crown. Bruny Island is full of natural wonders, abundant wildlife, spectacular viewpoints, and exciting adventures. So, while you’re visiting the ‘Apple Isle’, drive in your Thrifty rental car to Kettering and onto the ferry and head over to the magical Bruny Island. This blog will detail the best of Bruny, so read ahead to learn more about this exciting Tasmanian destination.

Discover Cape Bruny Lighthouse

Sitting high above the surrounding landscape is the mighty Cape Bruny Lighthouse. First lit in 1838, it now attracts thousands of visitors each year. The lighthouse is now retired; in 1996, it was replaced by a solar-powered light. You can see the lighthouse from the ocean, from the ground, or, if you participate in the Bruny Island Lighthouse Tours, you can even climb inside.

Climb to Truganini Lookout

Truganini Lookout promises incredible views. It overlooks the narrow strip of land that connects the north of Bruny Island to the south, and this view is nothing short of spectacular. With 360-degree views, you could easily spend an hour taking endless pictures and simply admiring the landscape. This area has fantastic wildlife, too, as it’s an essential habitat for many of the animals on the island. Bring a water bottle with you as climbing up can be hard in places - it’s a step climb from the bottom to the top, but it is worth the hike up.

Explore South Bruny National Park

South Bruny National Park is one of the best national parks in the country, with wild and rugged sandy beaches with giant sea cliffs towering overhead, and plenty of bush walks through densely thick forests and coastal heathland promising spectacular views. There are plenty of sights to see here, so drive to one of the many car parks throughout the park and choose a hike or viewpoint to head to. It’ll be a great day out!

Enjoy Some Fantastic Food

Bruny Island is home to delicious artisan food. The food here in Bruny Island is well-known, with plenty of options, like artisan cheese and chocolate, fresh oysters and seafood, honey, berries, and so much more. Perhaps indulge in a wine tasting at Bruny Island Premium Wines or a bite to eat at Hotel Bruny. If you are trying the delicious alcohol on offer, do so safely and always have a designated driver within your party.

Spend the Day at Adventure Bay

While the name Adventure Bay might suggest a destination full of thrills, twists, and turns - this bay is slightly different. Relax and unwind in a beautiful pocket of the magical Bruny Island; complete with pristine beaches, crystal clear seas, and gorgeous views, this slice of paradise is well worth a visit. 

Hike to Cape Queen Elizabeth

This hike is a big one, but it’s one of the best on the island. Head out to Cape Queen Elizabeth, a 12-kilometre hike, and enjoy three hours of impressive nature. You’ll cover different terrain types, like massive sand dunes, dense bushland, and remote beaches. It’s certainly different from the normal hikes you’ll find on the island, and that’s just one of the reasons why it’s so impressive. Certain highlights include Mars Bluff, The Neck, and Adventure Bay. 

Bruny Island is a great place for a holiday. Whether you come for a day trip or a few days, you’ll have the best time exploring the island. With delicious local produce, stellar hikes and scenery, and plenty to see and do, this will surely be a holiday of dreams. Enjoy it all and see as much as possible in a rental car from Thrifty.

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