The Best of Australia's BIG Things

Australia loves BIG things. In fact, Australians love giant sculptures so much that it’s home to over 150 of them! These novelty statues are massive tourist attractions, and each one pays homage to the specialty its host town is known for. So, get off the highway and into the towns - these big things will surely delight and impress you. From the Big Prawn in Ballina to the Big Banana and even the Big Potato, Australia has plenty of BIG things. Read ahead to discover the best of the best of these mighty statues!

The Big Banana

Located in Coffs Harbour, the Big Banana is one of Australia's most well-known and oldest big things. Coffs Harbour is a well-known producer of Cavendish bananas, and you’ll see banana trees as you roam the city's roads.  It was initially constructed in 1964 as a tourist attraction and marketing ploy to attract  visitors to buy bananas from the local stands. It’s now part of an amusement park in Coffs Harbour, so buy yourself a ticket and enjoy this big attraction - as well as waterslides, mini golf, tobogganing, and arcade games.  

The Big Merino

This big sheep represents the wool industry in Goulburn, New South Wales. Standing at 15.2 metres high, it weighs a whopping 97 tonnes - making it 15 times bigger and 970 times heavier than the average merino ram. The Big Merino was built in 1985 and attracts travellers all year round to this gorgeous New South Wales town. Visit it for yourself to see the textured woollen coat and curly horns in real life - we are sure he won’t be too hard to find.  

The Big Penguin

The Big Penguin is located in Penguin, Tasmania, and was made in 1975 to mark the town's centenary. The Big Penguin is 3.15 metres tall, so it’ll tower over you as you inspect the statue in all its glory.

The Giant Koala

This koala isn’t just big - it’s giant. He’s around 14 metres tall and stands proudly in Dadswell, Victoria. Built in 1989, this big marsupial is a little scary looking - but still a worthwhile visit all the same. Walk through the giant bear’s paws to visit the local gift shop or simply marvel at its sheer size from the ground.

The Big Wine Bottle

Once a water tower standing proud in Rutherglen, Victoria, the Big Wine Bottle was transformed seamlessly in 1969, and is a great tribute to the Winery Walkabout festival in the town. The festival organisers added the mesh top to the water tower, and now the statue stands proud all year round. It’s 36-metres high, making it around 120 times bigger than your average pinot.

The Big Potato

Arguably the funniest big thing on this list, the Big Potato in Robertson, NSW, pays tribute to the area's main crop. It’s around four metres by ten metres, making it 1,000 times larger than a normal potato. While it may just look like a giant blob, it's a fantastic sculpture to promote what Robertson is well-known for.

The Big Prawn

The Big Prawn is part of the cityscape, standing tall over the town of Ballina since 1989. The Big Prawn is nine metres tall and weighs 35 tonnes, so while it sadly is too big for most BBQs here in Australia, it sure looks cool to tourists in the town! Bunnings Warehouse purchased the Big Prawn from the council in 2011, giving it a refurbishment in the process. Check it out and see the new and improved crustacean for yourself - they even gave it a new tail and a fresh coat of pink paint.

The Big Things are a much-loved collection of statues all around Australia. Have some fun on a road trip and visit some of these iconic statues. It’ll be a fun activity for all! There are plenty in and around every state, so research the ones near you before you head out - who knows what you will discover! 

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