Many travellers visiting from overseas are often shocked by how low temperatures can dip in Australia – particularly in the depths of winter. After all, it never seems to rain, snow or freeze over on Neighbours or Home & Away, and Crocodile Dundee never seemed to need a coat.

Australia can actually get pretty frosty, especially in the winter months of June to August, but don’t fret or change your travel plans just yet! Whether you are flying in from abroad or are an Aussie looking for a sunny escape, we have the warmest hotspots mapped out to help you plan your getaway.

Queensland is always a favourite year-round. The climate is mostly temperate and warm in the south and hot and humid in the north – regardless of the time of year. With Australian climates like these, your friends will be green with envy. It’s no wonder Queensland’s slogan is “beautiful one day, perfect the next”.

For an action-packed mid-winter break, head to the Gold Coast. Its multitude of fun theme parks and beautiful beaches are great for all ages, and your friends back home in chilly southern states will be utterly jealous!

If bustling crowds and packed beaches aren’t your thing, consider a trip to the Whitsunday Islands. The 74 serene and picturesque islands that make up the Whitsundays are the perfect place to get a summer glow back into your skin. Our tip? Whitehaven Beach is a picture-perfect, untouched paradise for a romantic getaway.

If the coast doesn’t do it for you, but you still need a bit of warmth to get you through the remainder of winter, the Northern Territory never disappoints. Darwin stays hot and humid year-round, whilst the ‘Red Centre’, compromised of Alice Springs and world-famous Uluru, is dry and arid, even in winter. Ride a camel, climb The Rock, or search for a desert oasis. You’ll be sunkissed in no time.