Simply by booking a car rental in Australia and taking a road trip, you’re already opting for a more eco friendly holiday than flying to your destination – but how can you take it one step further? 

Here are five fantastic ways you can help to keep Australia clean during your next road trip!

1. Bring your own drink bottles and reusable mugs

Road trips are thirsty work! 

Whether you’re behind the wheel or in the passenger seat, you’ll need to stay hydrated throughout your road trip – especially as you’ll be hopping out of the car and taking walks and hikes to enjoy all the views. 

Instead of purchasing plastic bottles and single-use coffee cups along the way, bring your own bottles and reusable mugs from home, and simply refill them during stops. This will cut down on plastics, and can even save you a few dollars here and there!

2. Book a hybrid car rental 

Did you know that you can book a hybrid car rental in Australia with Thrifty? 

Models such as the Toyota Corolla Hybrid uses petrol and electricity to run, meaning that you can cut down on emissions by using less fuel to get where you’re going. The car uses electricity when running idle or during slower, city driving, and only switches to petrol as you accelerate or cruise at high speeds. 

This helps you save on fuel costs, and on your road trip footprint! 

3. Take more than just photos

A popular traveller saying has long been to ‘take only photographs, leave only footprints’. 

This essentially states that you should never take anything physical away from the places you visit, nor leave anything physical or lasting there.

However, we suggest that you do take something away – rubbish. Throw reusable bag into the boot of your rental car, and bring it with you during hikes or beach visits. Not everyone follows the rules of not leaving anything behind, but if you can pick up an empty bottle here, a food wrapper there, you’ll leave Australia even cleaner and more beautiful than you found it. 

 4. Stock up at farmer’s markets

Farmer’s markets are popular all over Australia, and not only are they a fun way to spend a morning and to enjoy absolutely delicious fresh produce and other goods, they’re also good for the environment! 

Food and produce that you find in these markets typically come from the local area, which means they have not had to travel far to make it to your plate. Whereas when you shop at supermarkets, produce may have travelled much farther to get there, increasing its carbon footprint along the way. 

5. Look for environmentally friendly accommodation 

Many modern hotels and motels are actively finding ways to take better care of the environment. 

Look for accommodation that: 

  • Has water conservation systems in place
  • Uses energy-efficient light bulbs and other appliances
  • Includes recycling and composting programs
  • Uses eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Serves locally sourced meals

These are just a few common practices you’ll find in more and more hotels and motels around Australia, and remember that you can also continue the good work while you’re there, such as by using your towels more than once to cut down on cleaning.

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